A week’s worth of vacation is almost over…

A little late in the day, but we have put up the weekly schedule and gone back to the usual Sunday routine.  Perhaps by tomorrow at noon I will have been able to extricate the constant din of Tom Jones’ What’s New, Pussycat? from my addled brain…

Yes, that has been J’s fixation for the past couple of days.  The Green, Green Grass of Home was replaced by Mr. Jones’ saucier musical stylings…and I’ve done everything I can to cope with it graciously.  There’s been the interpretive dancing, the sing-along, the sign-language version and the sudden popping-out of the closet doing the wo-oh-oh-oh-OAH! parts…  In spite of all this enthusiasm, I am ready for it to be over.

J is ready to go back to school.  I am a poor substitute for people his age, but I have given him plenty of fodder for the week.  I’m sure if someone says their mother was driving them nuts, J will roll his eyes and do his own version of “YOU think you’ve got problems?  MY mother…”

Our greatest successes this week have been of a simple type: J liked the toy store we took him to yesterday (a huge stride towards finding a place where he won’t get overwhelmed,) he found Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline (yes, he loves Madeline) in a size that felt right for him and bought it; we also went to see The Muppets and we all enjoyed the movie, although J hogged the popcorn and there was some bickering (albeit good natured) between the brothers.

In a few weeks we get to do this all over again: we get to be home for Christmas and that will last two weeks.  We had plenty of rain this time around, and perhaps we will have the same thing happen during the Christmas vacation.  In the meantime, we have already told him that next weekend we’ll put up the Christmas lights outside and that we will arrange his room so that his inflatable Snoopy can keep him company.

What?  Your kid doesn’t have an inflatable toy in his/her room?  This toy is not ever so slightly shorter than your kid?  Why…I thought EVERYONE had one of those!  I am only grateful he didn’t buy the doghouse with Snoopy sleeping on top of it…THAT would’ve been a wee bit much, I think…

Tomorrow, if anyone is paying attention, a word or two about where we shop for J’s Christmas loot…

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