The First Day of Christmas…

and we start with a minor crisis: the board is missing PECS.  We think they might have fallen off and slipped away among the many things we packed, unpacked, stored and garbage we gathered…so I am on a mission to re-do some PECS for the board before 5 PM.  If this is the greatest crisis I have to contend with today then I am a very, very lucky girl…

Last night, armed with a Santa Claus rubber stamp, J made Christmas cards for everyone in his class.  He used several stamping methods: the quick-stamp, the slow-press, the full-hand press, the thumb-press, the side-to-side.  Some of the stamps were crisp and clear, others looked like Santa was dancing, but J was happy and, after all, they are HIS cards, right? That’s why I also did not flinch when he chose Cherry as the shade of red he wanted to use; it’s a little pinker than actual red…more of a couture Santa than a traditional Santa.

Writing J’s name is quite easy.  Just four letters and he’s done; it has, though, been an issue that he “signs” rather than “writes” his name.  That is, J writes those four letters with a flair, giving them loops and curls that pile them together so that you KNOW it’s his name his written, but you can’t distinguish the word in separate symbols.  At school they work on having him write clearly and, even though I love the signature dearly, I have to make sure he practices what he is being taught.  With the aid of two chopsticks…one on each side of the space he has for each letter…I’ve never been happier to not have chosen Bartholomew as a name for he writes with big, imposing block letters and they wouldn’t have fit in the cards…no, I wouldn’t have shortened his nickname to Bart, I’m a full-name kind of person.  So, in about half an hour he stamped and wrote his name on 20 cards (he was so happy that I didn’t want to interrupt him.)  After dinner, he colored in the front and put the cards in envelopes…that took about another half of an hour.

The comm book informed us that J’s class will go Christmas shopping, and would we please let them know what he can buy for us.  Now I’ll make a shopping board for school so he can take it with him, along with putting the corresponding PECS in an envelope so he can choose one thing for each of us from a small pool of “possibles.”  Of course, J will take his own canvas bag to carry his purchases in because the word STORE immediately prompts him to get all the necessary accoutrements.  Can you imagine one teacher, three aides and twelve kids with special needs venturing out to the stores to shop?  If those poor women don’t need a drink by the time the end-of-schoolday bell rings, it’ll be a miracle.

At least they won’t have to worry about J maneuvering the boxing gloves because (drumroll, please) J has been leaving them behind more and more when they’ve taken him places.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it seems they are being slowly phased out, and it’s all because J’s choosing to leave them behind and not because of forgetfulness or pressure from the outside world.  Our little boy, figuratively speaking, is growing up!  Aside from the adolescent indolence, the shrugs, the mild jadedness (that easily turns to enthusiastic exuberance at the sight of crayons,) J is slowly developing maturity when it comes to his emotional crutches.  Can I have an AMEN! from all of you?  (Not from the spammers, please…they only offer Viagra, online sex acts and only the Good Lord knows what else…they can just keep their AMEN! to themselves, thank you.)

Yes, the First Day of Christmas is here and I am wondering which present I’m taking out first.  Will it be the red rugby helmet?  Will it be the faux-furry trapper’s hat?  Perhaps the rather large stick of pepperoni with the small pizza pan and the pizza-making kit?  Or will it be the monkey that rolls around the floor laughing when you move in front of it?  Perhaps the monkey, yes, because it will be yet another weapon in J’s arsenal to keep the cats out of his room when he’s not there…he can leave it on the bed, a cat can jump on to nap in the sunshine and BWAHA HA HA HA HA monkey rolls around laughing hysterically…  Would that be considered weaponizing J?


I have PECS to invent, laminate, cut to size and Velcro…and a little foam board to form into a little foam-board shopping book.  Things to do!  Great anticipation for tonight’s small chunk of a Christmas carol…

Let’s hope I don’t end up with egg on my face.  And if I do, you’ll get to hear all about it tomorrow!


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