Snow slowly falling…

It has been one of those days when you wish you could curl up in a corner.  J, of course, has been relishing the prospect of going back to school tomorrow while we’ve been closely watching the weather.  Every weather forecast we’ve watched indicates that everything is tracking east of us, but with J laughing and giggling conspiratorially I tend to think he’s trying to have an effect on the way this storm is moving.

I am happy to report that he is now avidly participating in the whole routine of running with the Wii.  We don’t go far, of course, as the circuit around the “island” is as of yet too much for him, but we get to go past the waterfall and he likes that he can hear it when the volume is turned up high enough.  I am hoping, in the coming weeks, to a) get him to run a little longer and b) lift his feet off the ground a little more than he does now.

All I really want right now is for his breathing to not be at all labored unless the situation warrants it.  I know this will take work…but I’m willing to put a great deal of effort into it.  I want him to lose the weight little by little (the weight limit for the tricycle I’d like to get him is 250 pounds!,) and I want him to be healthy and sleep well.  The medication is necessary right now, but I am hoping we can work our way out of it in a few years?  I know I’m being absurdly optimistic…that’s my thing this year…  And I’m going to win the lottery, too.

Now, in preparation for tomorrow’s return to school, I am going to sit with J and tell him how awesome and difficult it was to be with him because I know it was difficult for him, too.  Twenty-nine days to seventeen years old…and two doctor’s appointments between now and then.




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