Head in the clouds…

Sundays, as a general rule, speed up to make it seem like the weekend didn’t really happen at all.  One crawls out of bed and midway through coffee, it’s noon and then it’s time to cook dinner.  We don’t know how this happens, but it does.  J consumed four or five hours leisurely putting together a Lego…I know it was that long because I suddenly looked up as he put the last piece into place, and it was time to start dinner.

We snuck in a walk, but this was not as happy an occasion as it could have been…dogs were out and about, their owners enjoying the weather which has been rather fine.  We’ve been told that once the Dairy Queen in town reopens after its winter siesta we will get a massive snowstorm (I believe it’s a tradition around these parts,) but today was lovely and we couldn’t resist leaving the house.  A brindle boxer and a fuzzy Yorkie appeared out of nowhere (not together) and spooked J.  Once those two disappeared from view (something that we couldn’t convince J of,) barks from behind closed doors jolted him frequently.  It figures that a kid who makes dog treats for a living (as it were) would be deathly afraid of anything canine.

So the outing was something of a mild disaster, but the final portion of building the Lego helped J refocus his energy.  By the time dinner rolled around, though, he seemed a little out of sorts and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Was it still the dogs?  Did he not like the ribs we grilled?  Was Rooney Mara’s dress too ethereal for his taste?  Nope…like a dork, I had failed to update the weekly board and our poor routine-conscious son was utterly confused by the absence of BACKPACK and BUS from Monday through Friday.  I quickly fixed it and, with a roll of the eyes that conveyed relief and disbelief at my lack of presence of mind, he soon forgave me.

What can I say?  We have noticed on the calendar that we get to change the clocks soon.  Spring is seeping into our consciousness and we are getting antsy.  With new furniture (old, of course) and spring cleaning looming ahead, we are a little distracted.  Tomorrow, even though none of us has one bit of enthusiasm for the idea, we are back to running with the Wii and trying to prepare for when the pool opens in May.  J, of course, is enthused by the idea that the doors now remain open longer, that we don’t have to trudge through snow for a while.  I wait for him with an umbrella, but these past few days gloves, scarf and hat have not been necessary.

The days are slowly getting longer.  We can’t yet put away the winter clothes, but we don’t have to turn on the lights in the kitchen as early as we used to…cotton sheets cannot be too far away in our future…

Yes, spring is mere weeks away, and we’ve already surrendered to the idea of it…it’s all Emily Dickinson’s fault.  You know how it goes?

A LITTLE madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King,
But God be with the Clown,
Who ponders this tremendous scene—
This whole experiment of green, 
As if it were his own!

Unless we get our act together, we will be the clowns…and J will do his best to be patient, but the empty board is something that to him means idleness he doesn’t appreciate.  Memo to me: don’t get so distracted that you throw J for a loop…


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