Another Saturday…

It has been a day of ups and downs, a development not to be unexpected in a week of ups and downs.  J is moody, and we are patient…as patient as we can be.  I wish he felt more inclined to actually go outside and move around a bit.  The walk we took was like pulling teeth; he resisted and we insisted.

The last time they ran some labs on him he was perfectly within the normal range of everything, but I’m wondering if that has somehow changed (since October.)  He seems to be a little heavier than he was, and even the reduced amounts of food are doing little to change this.  I wonder if the pill -the blasted, blessed pill- needs to go sooner rather than later.

Do I sound overwhelmed?  I am.  I am overwhelmed right now and I wish I could figure this out promptly.  Solving problems is seldom as easy as “eureka!”  We say eureka because we’ve been toiling for a while and it’s as much a sign of success as it is of relief.

There you have it…it’s Saturday and I’m overwhelmed.  Not much to report other than that…

Just wait ’til I do our taxes… 🙂


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