Sunday…the weekend reels in…

And, just like that, it’s almost over.  The weekend has been used up…we managed to sneak in a walk down by the river (where, surprise surprise, people actually hang out!!!) and a trip to the drive-in fast food joint up the road where we had milkshakes.  (The lactose-intolerant mother was wanting one and is now regretting this, but we had fun so I’m ok with the consequences.)

It has been a sunny, warm weekend.  Spring is here and, wasps and all, we’re happy about it.  J even allowed me to remove all the heavy blankets from his bed and replace them with an inexpensive bed cover from the discount department store.  It’s mainly red…that makes it totally cool!  We have spent most of our time letting the air from the outside pour in through windows and open doors, and enjoying the coolness of cotton and the comfort of sandals.  In spite of the power-washing we witnessed at the Dairy Queen yesterday, we doubt that winter will make a comeback of significant proportions, but we’re ready nonetheless…

Seeds for gourds, nasturtiums, morning glories and moonflowers are at hand for when J decides he’s ready to tackle that project.  Today he was unimpressed with the flower selection at the garden center, but I told him that will change while he’s on Spring Break and the weather has proven it’s entered a new phase.  He is looking, I know, for moss roses, geraniums and petunias; he will also be looking for herbs and veggies.  I told him to be patient.

We are slowly speeding up, shaking off the slowness of winter and cold weather.  I am hoping tomorrow morning our mutual friend will want to wear his shorts to school.  The afternoon walk from the bus has turned into a sweat-fest with all the humidity and heat of the day.  At night, J wants his window open and sleeps with the covers off…the small water bottles we keep in the basement are now sought out with more enthusiasm and consumed more quickly.  By June I’m sure they will be protesting the heat, but right now it’s energizing them…TGG has been going on short bike rides around the neighborhood (we all take turns popping out to the balcony to sing the music that goes in Miss Gulch’s bike riding scenes in The Wizard of Oz.  TGG flips us and J thinks this is hilarious!)

So…there you go…we survived a no-school Friday in spite of Hercules, walked down by the river and saw the many, many ducks as well as the people rowing in their little blue boats.  We went for milkshakes and wore warm-weather clothes…

As close as it gets to springtime, isn’t it???


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