A Good Friday reflection…

I don’t know if it is political correctness that aligns Spring Break with Holy Week, but I have to say that this whole vacation has felt pretty miraculous.  Today, my friends, J has spent four hours without his hats.  Today, my friends, J ate a whole cod tenderloin (a piece of fish I was unaware existed with a name since I grew up with salted cod for Holy Week and Lent.)  J has been a darling creature all week…all my trepidation has been for naught.

Look, he has not been a saint.  We have gone through several cycles of NOODLES/NO, COOKIES/NO, CRACKERS/NO, SODA/NO…he even tried a BURGER/NO for good measure.  I have come to realize that he is doing it to make me leave the room.  “If I am annoying enough…”  That’s the seven year-old in him…conspiring with the seventeen year-old.

We’ve gone through cycles of fixation on Gym Class Heroes/dude from Maroon 5 (I am SICK of Stereo Hearts) and a regrettable Toby Keith period (how many times can one listen to Red Solo Cup without wanting to jump off a balcony?  As luck would have it, we were in the basement level and I didn’t have far to go if I jumped.  He also wanted to be left alone to mope his way through several loops of Adele’s Someone Like You, but he bounced back with Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are.

This week I discovered that when J does his “WAH-wah wah-WAAAAAH” cry he is imitating Blanky from The Brave Little Toaster when it turns out there isn’t a car delivering the young master to the cabin’s door.  When I informed TGG and Dada of this fact, they laughed so hard I thought they were going to pop a vein.  “Totally!,” TGG laughed…”SO TRUE!!!!  I remember THAT!”

J now expects me to trust him when he takes the egg timer and his hats to his room to wait until the time expires for his hatlessness.  And I do.  I trust him.  I know he is good for that amount of time and that he knows this means a lot to all of us…

We are sailing into Saturday knowing that we succeeded and it feels pretty good.  J has spent a whole week accepting the changes we’ve introduced.  We’ve spent the whole week being in awe of his sense of humor, his willingness to accept our pace-setting.  We’ve ventured out into town and had ice cream with a gaggle of sorority girls, and J still smiles when I show him their pictures (taken at the event) on Facebook.  He knows.  He remembers.  He giggled when TGG told him “you sly dog, you…you had ice cream with a bunch of girls!”  We went to the grocery store and the cashier recognized him from school, and he said hi…blushing and smiling all the way.

No, the Big Bad Wolf wasn’t out and about this week huffing and puffing and trying to blow our house down…

The Hound of the Baskervilles is another story entirely, but I am working on explaining what the American Kennel Club means by Toy Group when it comes to this breed…

That’s a work in progress, of course…

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