Are we there yet?

Today we drove to Pittsburgh.  It was a pleasant drive, punctuated here and there by the annoying woman that lives in the GPS thing and with the constant rattle and thump of J’s music coming from the backseat.  J himself had no idea where we were going, but as long as we burn some gasoline and put some more mileage on our engine, he’s cool.

When we got to Bloomfield, he immediately wanted to hit the stores.  I think he knew that the Italian grocery store would carry all the goodies that he prefers.  He was right…we came home with pasta, cheese, assorted cookies…he’s been allowed only two cookies and he’ll be allowed ONE tomorrow.  The second cookie today was a reward for behaving nicely in a neighborhood unfamiliar to him, and for patiently waiting when we asked.

Again, and this is no longer a novelty to the rest of the planet, we sat down to eat at a public place and J was wonderful.  Of course, this time he told the waitress he wanted French fries and a soda, and he said THANK YOU very prettily…then, when our order came, he made sure I didn’t finish my fries.  Highway robbery, I tell you…no other way to describe it.

At IKEA, as usual, we had a hard time navigating.  Our personal theory is that the store’s layout is intentionally convoluted so that, while you are lost in there, you will fall in love with yet one more item.  We were strong and left the joint with the desk I needed, four bath sheets (one for each member of the household) and some animal plushes that J accepted in lieu of the rag baby he would have preferred.  I feel badly about the rag baby, but the animals just seem a better learning opportunity…there are some for which we don’t yet know the signs so…I’m researching OSTRICH even as I type this…

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day…I don’t know what our plans are, just that I would like to stay in bed reading a little longer than usual.  Aside from that, it’s just Sunday.

Well…that’s about it…

It’s been a long, fruitful, successful day…and I cannot complain.

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