The unofficial start of summer…

This last weekend in May is when America decides summer has begun.  The pool has been packed all weekend, people have been grilling, and we have been acclimating J to the new and improved board, and to the idea that now comes a lull between school-year and summer school.  These tasks have been easier than I imagined…and Amen!

Our Sunday morning breakfast was lazy, as usual; we lingered around the table and sipped our coffee…oh, restorative elixir.  Of course, J had a better idea on how to start the day, namely doing chores.  With as much enthusiasm as we could muster to mimic his, we handed him clean sheets, a duster and the vacuum cleaner.  In minutes, with a huge smile on his face, J had cleaned his room and shamed us into doing the same to the rest of the house.

The weather has made for a lot of indoor time.  J parked himself in the basement and, for the first time in months, the fans and air conditioner are not making us refer to it as “the frozen tundra.”  He has emerged to the general areas of the kitchen and dining area to have lunch and dinner with us, eloquently requesting leftover pizza (which TGG took him to pick up from their favorite pizza joint last night) and partaking of tacos with the rest of us.

Tomorrow we will sit down and write thank-you notes for his mentors and teacher, and we will put together a tray of pastries to take on Tuesday morning.  This is the part where J starts easing into “goodbye for now,” and I’m sure I’ll end up taking notes for the psychiatrist.  Sadness, to a degree, is understandable, and having had a great school year, sadness is even more justified.  J has made such good friends that I would worry if there wasn’t a bit of nostalgia and tugging at his heartstrings.

The rest of us are fine.  We have realized that we are officially settled here.  We have gone from summer to autumn to winter to spring and are easing into summer…we are completing a circle.  We have plants to care for, living things that need us to survive.  We have furniture that looks like it belongs where we’ve set it, and we can easily find our way even in neighborhoods we had never frequented before a few weeks ago.  Last year, at this time, we were pondering the possibility of moving out here with the skepticism of people who didn’t expect such a great opportunity to favor us…yes, the economy is that bad and we know there were others rooting for a change like the one we effected.  That we are here, that we survived a drive across the country with two cats, a moving truck, our van, TGG driving and a bike rack that wouldn’t stay put regardless of how hard we tried to persuade it or secure it…all this seems quite miraculous.

The first yellow squash has emerged…the zucchini is starting to strut its stuff.  Morning glories seem poised to bloom, and our herbs are doing so well we are giddy with excitement.  We are home, and J is happy.  We have successfully completed a cycle that we started with trepidation and, trust us to be the ones to do such a thing, now we’re going to shake the can and hear the pebbles rattle.  Yes, my friends, in less than a month we will pare the meds down to one dose a day.  We had said “we’ll do it come summer!” like it would take forever for summer to get here…

Well…tick, tick, tick…we’re working our way to the day when it happens…

We hope the pool is not as crowded early tomorrow morning, but we’re not holding our breath…


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