Close, but not Saturday…yet

During those few moments while I lingered between sleep and waking, I thought it was Saturday.  Do I need to say I was deflated when I realized Friday has yet to be expended?  Thursday was busy, and J was the ring-leader for our shopping trip.  When I go shopping sans J, I work more slowly and more accurately.  Yesterday I breezed through every store and every list, and I came home to calmly sift through the mess of scratched off items and scribbled clarifications I’d jotted down on my (formerly) organized lists.  Suffice it to say I feel fortunate that I didn’t come home with items I grabbed without knowing why.  This, considering that J seems to be training for a run on Supermarket Sweep, is a miracle.

After yesterday’s outing -during which J excelled at rolling his eyes impatiently, sighing discontentedly and driving both TGG and I nuts with his request for higher volume or different station on the car radio- we are ready for a lazier day at home.  It wasn’t yet eight when J bounced down the stairs, looked at the chores on the board, did them in ten minutes flat and made his way out to the deck.  I’ve been ordered (and amen for this) to SIT.  I won’t, of course, be able to vegetate all day, but it’s comforting to know that we’re not in go-go-go mode like we were yesterday.

This is the weekend the board starts reflecting the summer-program…let’s see how that goes!  I have tried to keep J engaged with things to do, but I don’t know if he will be relieved to have that routine changed again.  I don’t think I’ve made things so exciting at home that he will grieve going out for three hours, four days a week, but J has surprised us before.  Currently, the most surprising thing is that the eye-rolling, discontented-sighing and impatience have been very rare, more like a “oh, I keep forgetting you’re a GROWN-UP!” rather than “YOU???  AGAIN???”  This might be J’s way of saying “only a few days before I get out of here!!!” or it might be that, and I hope this is it, I’ve actually succeeded in not making a pest of myself.  I am grateful for either, his selfless cooperation or my unexpected success.

I count myself fortunate right now.  The weather has been great, and J has an outdoor space where he is really comfortable and can relax for hours on end.  The plants have provided him with sufficient privacy, and the issue of reassuring him that dogs won’t come up to the deck has been successfully addressed.  The board is working as I intended it to, and that’s possibly the nicest thing that has happened so far in preparation for the upcoming med reduction.  J is now happy with the idea of going for walks several times a day, running with the Wii and spending time outdoors rather than hunkered down in his bedroom.

Arrangements for the bus have been completed.  I’m sure that, after the Big Bus SNAFU of Fall ’11, I was on the “call early” list.  It might seem like a fun thing, but having all of Transportation know your name and face (probably because of a picture with BEWARE!!! printed above it) is not something I find entertaining.  Ok, maybe I find it a little entertaining; I have to admit that being able to get things solved quickly is a point of pride for me.  That I get things solved quickly because I am capable of trimming people down to size with my caustic wit is problematic, but I do make sure that I have valid arguments when I pull out the big scissors.

As it turns out, J’s aide is well-known to us.  She works with him at his regular school and she is excited about the prospect of working with him this summer.  The bus will be here at around 8:00 a.m. and J will be home at around 1 P.M.  A snack is needed, they will go for a walk every day, and they will work on their goals…sounds like a fun time with a purpose.  J’s reaction to seeing BUS and BACKPACK on the board was good, especially since I put them on the top and it’s obvious there are more things he can put on the board when he gets back.

Tomorrow morning, after our trip to the Farmers’ Market, the library and the bakery, we will be driving out to the school where the summer program will be held.  It’s a little farther away from home than his regular school, but his aide told me the area where he will be at during those hours, and we can walk on the track and the playground.  I will take the camera and pictures will be added to our summer schedule showing him there, doing fun things.

That’s what we’re up to today.  We picked some zucchini and yellow squash and a few more peas.  Our herbs are beautiful and luscious.  Our flowers are spilling over the sides of planters and there are butterflies coming to visit J as he listens to his music.  I hear him giggle as they get closer.   The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of his favorite books, and I don’t think I’ll be blowing the ending for anyone if I say he always says/signs BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY on the last page.  Our reading of this childhood classic is peppered with loud chomping sounds and my hand making “biting” motions up J’s arms and belly…it’s a fun read for all, but I end up needing water and J ends up wanting more BUTTERFLY so I’m glad he gets to see them on the petunias out back.

Today we walked down to the mailbox and J seemed interested in the pool.  I’m sure if there had not been as many toddlers with inflatable orcas there, he might have changed into his swim trunks and asked to go soak his feet.  Maybe on Sunday morning, while people go to church???

We’ll see…

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