Dada’s home…all is well with the world…

When Dada arrived, after what felt like a grueling wait on the runway and a bumpy ride thanks to the string of bad weather that raked this side of the country yesterday evening, J was asleep.  In J’s defense, temperatures had been so high that he was exhausted.

Early this morning, Dada went up to J’s bedroom door just as J was coming out of his room.  It was like watching the sun rise after bad weather.  The smile J gave us was bright, and immediately followed by SIT! and GOING TO MAKE COFFEE!  We are back to normal.  Mirth and gaiety have been the rule of the day.

After breakfast, Dada opened his carry-on bag and extracted the shirts he bought the boys.  J’s was RED and J was very happy about this.  He motioned to change into it right then and there, but Dada told him first he had to take a bath.  TGG, who had been less chatty than usual over the past week, seemed to have ten million things to say.  The weekday morning routine of walking twice around the football stadium while chatting had been disrupted, and it was nice to hear the stream of conversation running over everything in our kitchen.  Words seemed to tumble over the clatter of dishes, the water running from the faucet, the clearing of the table.  The silence of the past days was not uncomfortable, but it was out of the ordinary; this is a noisy household.  We hum and chat; we move things around; we taste food and drink, and we make little noises that indicate our opinion.  With J becoming more verbal and communicative, I hadn’t realized that there was a light ringing in my ears during Dada’s absence.  I had not noticed how tremendously neat and uniform everything seemed.

Saturday morning, as we know, means Farmers’ Market, and J was ready with his basket and his little foldable comm board.  The ladies at one of the veggie stands already know him and are very kind and affectionate towards him.  The guy who runs the cheese stand knows J also and is sure of a sale when we approach him.  The stand-alone bakery has a tent at Farmers’ Market, but J prefers going to see the girls and showing them his foldable comm board.

That we now move around Market and J isn’t spooked by the many dogs that are taken there is the biggest surprise.  It’s not that J isn’t aware of the dogs, and it’s not that he now likes them or tries to engage them, but the part where he panics and tries to climb all over us to get away is pretty much a thing of the past.  I can even point dogs of every size and breed to him, and he says DOG and WOOF, and keeps walking.  Might a gentle, friendly, mellow companion dog be in our future?  Perhaps.  I am not chanting NIKE! NIKE! NIKE! yet, but I’m hopeful.

I hadn’t realized how tired I was until this afternoon when, with all members of the family at home, I sat down on the couch to read and was out like a light…  I dreamt that I was weaving in and out of sleep on the couch while I was weaving in and out of sleep on the couch.  Since Tuesday I seemed to have been holding my breath and unaware of it, today I finally relaxed.  In fact, I relaxed so much that I completely forgot to give J his med this morning and didn’t realize it until the absence of a med-giving-moment memory jolted me awake.  Not once while Dada was gone did it slip my mind or fall out of schedule, and today -of all days- it wasn’t even on my mental radar.  So much for relaxation…

The oppressive heat of yesterday gathered into a storm that, quite suddenly and violently, tore through our area.  J’s patio umbrella had to be taken down as the winds whipped up and the lightning approached.  This morning we had plants that had been knocked over, leaves from far away trees, soaking wet outdoor rugs (I have “fake grass” on the balconies…laugh if you must, but it makes me happy,) and several plants that had fallen victim to the relentless heat and sunshine of yesterday. That my husband had to fly through part of that made for an interesting evening, but that he was here to help me straighten up the mess the storm left behind made me very happy.

J is happy.  He wasn’t unhappy before, but now he’s giddy.  We walked to the mailbox this afternoon, and he linked arms with both us and hummed as we walked.  His joy at having Dada home is contagious.  He spent the afternoon listening to music and coming up to the sliding glass door to make sure we were both in the living room.  Since the couch is turned away from the sliding glass door, all J could see of me was the top of my head, but he could see Dada clearly and I could hear them saying hello to each other from time to time, and J’s voice was smiling widely.

We float into Sunday in a good mood.  The weather was kinder today.  We didn’t lose power during the storm, and J had only one mild scare when the lights flickered and he found himself alone in the dark.  Tomorrow we have the usual Sunday-morning chores lined up for J and it’s hat-washing day.  I think I’ve been forgiven for the haircut J got the other day, but not so much because he likes it but rather because of the heat.  The weather has persuaded J to forgo his usual sweatshirts and long pants while he sits outside, and he is finally wearing the sleeveless shirts and short pants he tends to ignore until it’s inevitable…

Saturday has flown by…it usually happens that the not-as-fun days last longer, and this week was no exception.  The house is a little messier, a lot noisier, I’ve tripped over shoes and other items left willy-nilly on the floor.  I’ve heard chatter and giggles that make no sense because they are taking place in the realm of Dada-TGG-J interactions…

I’m so happy I can now sleep and rest…my weird little family is back to normal.  And we’re back on track with J’s med…



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