Today is Thursday…

Peals of laughter, loud and clear, floated downstairs from J’s room this morning.  I wasn’t even halfway through my coffee and here came, cascading like a happy, babbling brook, the sound that announces it’s going to be a busy morning, and it’s only the preamble for a busy weekend…  If J had been a girl, the most reasonable film character facsimile would have been Giselle from Enchanted.  When he goes enthusiastic on us, dresses will be made from curtains…even as the curtains hang from their rods!

So I chugged down my coffee and prepared to face the J-man.  He bounced down the stairs with the energy of one who knows at noon a three-day break starts, and I received him with the courage of one who knows from Friday to Sunday evening will be finding ways to keep an active, intelligent, inquisitive and demanding young man entertained.  (Insert sign of the cross here…)

Yesterday’s successes must have been fresh in his mind because J was one big ball of joy this morning.  And that ball was bouncing off the walls, down the stairs, in the hallway, in and out of bedrooms, down the grassy (now straw-like) slope and the tar-paved road to the corner where we wait for the bus…bounce…bounce…bounce…and thank you, iron pills, for finally kicking in…

We walk to the bus, and we sing and sign.  We wait for the bus, and we sing and sign.  J gets on the bus and, as I walk home by myself, I’m on the brink of singing and signing.  I stop myself because I really don’t want to be the lady who sings and signs when she’s alone.  People already think we are peculiar…interesting…but peculiar.

When the bus arrived in the afternoon, there were reports of J wanting to rule the world.  Not in so many words, but he did give people a run for their money today.  He was NOT pleased with a schedule change, and he was not shy about letting everyone know.  As we walked and I read the note in his comm book, I told him that I knew he got angry when things change, but that he had to be a little more flexible.  As if to prove that, indeed, he DOESN’T have to be any degree more flexible, J fixed his eyes forward and gave a little sigh.  It was not a sigh of “I get what you mean;” it was a sigh of “yeah, yeah, yeah…it’s THURSDAY!”

I’ve basically let him chill out because I can tell that he’s not feeling cooperative today.  I understand.  It’s his version of “Friday evening” and he wants to relax, and I don’t want to push him too far.  I made him help with the new shirts I bought today (thank heavens for that Clearance rack,) and with some of the dry goods I needed to bring down to the laundry room.  I also asked him to help with laundry, and he did help, but he was ready to be done as soon as the machine started and he even turned off the light before I walked out of the room.  I did a loud “ahem!” and he giggled, but I can tell he’s just ready for the TGIF mindset…

It happens to everyone.  We all get to a point when Friday is the best idea anyone’s ever suggested to us.  J’s Friday is today, and he’s ready for it.  As we sit here and wait for the next few steps before “a day off,” J is impatient…Thursday evening, after all, is an early dinner and the ice cream truck, and these things have a couple of hours to go before they materialize.

As usual, I wasn’t expecting yesterday’s prolonged hatlessness and congeniality with a dog, and the sweet surprise of it all made me less ready for this afternoon’s crankiness in the wake of Giselle-like enthusiasm this morning.  Serves me right…I should have known better.

The plan for tomorrow will be to keep him happily occupied.  Fridays are for an early-morning trip to the pool, and then come chores.  Bathrooms tomorrow, which he likes to do because clean mirrors make him happy.  Mind you, this is not because J is anal retentive and likes things clean, but he does love to look at himself and what better way to do this and seem productive than by cleaning bathroom mirrors?  Laundry is another thing we’ll work on, and in the evening we will go shopping for the groceries we need.

But, for now, it is still Thursday and not yet early-dinner or ice cream time.  For now we are navigating the choppy waters of “I just finished a four day stretch of work, lady, and I am in the mood to unwind at my own pace…get out of my way…”

Walking to the mailbox and being surrounded on two sides by dogs (a Basset Hound puppy in front, a Pitbull and the dog version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show‘s Riff Raff in back,) and houses on the left and mother on the right…it was too much.  I swear I heard him HARRUMPH!  If he’d had a cane, he would have rapped me on the head and asked me to move on.  All those wagging tails were not helping matters.  Where was the lovely, friendly, non-anxiety inducing Golden Retriever from yesterday when I needed her????  And, to make matters worse, our mailbox was empty and there were children everywhere we looked.

It was more than he was willing to tolerate.  Charlie Brown would have yelled AAARGH! right about then…

I’m fine with it…I understand.  J’s tolerance for the demands of everyday life is running a little low right now.  Tomorrow is another day, but today…well…today is Thursday…



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