One trip…several stops…and home

The weather forecast was less than auspicious when we crawled into bed last night, but we kept to our plan and made it to market very early.  Lines had formed at most of the stalls, but the ones we frequent were blessedly sparse in attendance.  A line formed at these after we left, and J was very happy to say hello to his newfound friends the vendors.  His newfound friends at the bakery were happy to see the sure-thing cinnamon roll customer, and the people at the library have also grown used to J’s hearty, room-filling hello.  We are usually among the first to arrive so there’s not much need for quiet at that time.  I wonder if all these people have started to measure the briskness of business by whether Two-Hat Man has turned up yet or not.

We all went to breakfast together.  TGG had just returned from work and was not yet tired enough to sleep so we talked him into joining us.  The coffee left much to be desired, but J was so happy with his pancakes (which we didn’t know the sign for this morning, but know the sign for now,) and his eggs and bacon that it was worth the trip.  After that, Dada and the kids went to the bookstore while I went to the crafts’ store to buy supplies to tide us over until school starts in mid-August.

Breakfast was substantial enough that J didn’t really require food until later this afternoon, and then he was very modest.  Between returning home from the store and now, he’s been sitting in the living room listening to music.  We have crossed the room dancing along to whatever he’s listening to, and once he got wind of what our plan was, he made sure to play rather interesting tunes as soon as he heard us walking down the stairs.

Whatever was annoying him on Thursday is now forgotten, and J has been funny and fun to be with since then.  This morning, on our way to market, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was playing on the radio and he insisted that we all  get into the act.  As he giggled, we all emoted and did our best Freddie Mercury impressions.  J, who commands the car radio from the backseat, happily moved from one station to the next until he found something else we could all sing along to…badly.

The rain that was forecast for today has yet to materialize.  Every thick cloud bank has dashed past us, towards the north and away from here.  We are hoping that it either comes with gusto in the middle of the night or early tomorrow morning.  The grass is far from green and the plants survive because J is so insistent about watering them.  Early in the morning he peeks out and, if anything looks wan, he immediately mobilizes to get the watering cans ready.  If it rains tonight and tomorrow, this won’t be necessary until Monday.  On Monday we will check how J’s lettuce seeds are doing…he tends to get frustrated when things don’t germinate fast enough.

For now, I’m just planning on having him help reorganize the living room tomorrow.  We are already wondering where the Christmas tree will go…and yes, we know it’s early, but one cannot leave this until too late.  Considering that once school starts things get hectic around here, I need to make sure that we have plenty of time to figure out how the living room will best be configured for those long winter days when J goes nowhere and invades the now not-frozen tundra.

We used to be “people without furniture” and now we have all sorts of things.  Each time we rearrange furniture it becomes an even more convoluted process, especially since we’re consulting everyone in the household.  The only thing that never moves is the TV.  We’ve never wanted it to be the focus point of the living room so we don’t worry about that, but -and J is the one who determines this- the couch has to be placed so that we can watch TV from it, and there has to be room for the exercising…and enough light for reading…and the bookcases have to be handy…and so what used to be done in three shakes of a tail now requires quite a big of wagging.  J has been circling the couch for the past two days and then he sits and tries to reach the stereo, the table where we keep the remote controllers and, of course, tries to navigate towards the bathroom without having to move anything.  His greatest complaint right now is that when he’s folding laundry, he cannot point the remote control at the DVD player to change the track on his CD without having to get up.  The other day this caused quite a bit of emoting, and I simply got up and changed it for him, moving from one track on to the next until he was satisfied, and as soon as I sat down J gave me a look that said “you don’t want to spend all your time getting up to do this, do you???”

In truth, consolidating some shelving units is the way to go, and this means that J will be in charge of the hex drivers, the joint plates, the screwdrivers, screws, and so forth.  It is as much an exercise in rearranging the living room as it is an exercise in J sorting screws, tools and using the measuring tape and chalk.  I’ve told Dada we need an extra-strong pot of coffee tomorrow morning to survive the demands of “J in charge.”

That’s where we are…and now it’s time for me to sit down and watch Madeline with J…someone has to stretch their arm to properly point at the DVD player and TV, right?  Might as well be me…or I will drown in sighs and harrumphs from the one who thinks the furniture placement is all wrong!!!  All wrong, I tell you…

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