When the rain that falls doesn’t quite satisfy…

The Cat in the Hat didn’t show up today.  Perhaps if it had been raining in earnest, but no…this rain is more reminiscent of an annoying case of post-nasal drip.  This morning, as soon as he looked out the sliding door in the kitchen, J said OH NO! in that plaintive way that says “it’s not nice enough to sit outside and yet it’s not nasty enough to relish being indoors.”  The expletive wasn’t said out loud, but it scrolled around his head as he smiled at me.

J has the patience of a saint.  I know this because he has been patient with me all day, pretending to care as he humors me in my attempts to entertain him.  I have created messes where there were none, and together we’ve put things to rights.  I had to leave some stuff for tomorrow, of course, as the rain will likely continue through the rest of the weekend.  Why?  Well, because God has a sense of humor…we’ve discussed this already.  It’s not enough rain to impede anything other than J getting outdoor-time, and this puts us in a position to entertain each other.  See?  God needed a giggle and so he looked at the platypus first and then asked “what are those two up to?”  Seeing that we were in a nice, laid back groove, he decided rain was the thing…but, again, only so much as to make us hang out inside out of comfort rather than necessity.

And then God reminded J that he owns a Glee CD that includes Uptown Girl and Red Solo Cup.  If that is not enough to not recommend it, I don’t know what is.  I tried to escape the din all afternoon to no avail.  You know you’re in trouble (musically speaking) when putting things in perspective means “at least it’s not Kidz Bop!”  Yes, it IS torturously bad…


A soft breeze and light rain followed us as we did our shopping earlier this evening.  J was helpful at the store, and made suggestions about which snacks we should get.  We are very happy that he now will accept a small portion of anything we offer him.  He even voluntarily divides food into smaller portions than he would have demanded in the past.  A can of Pringles that would have disappeared in ten minutes now lasts a week, and he can be trusted to “shop” for his snacks on his own.  All I have to do is ask him to get his snack box and fill it, and J goes to the pantry and carefully selects the items he wants for each day.  Not once has he snacked while completing this task and he also has not put more items in the box than I would have.

After shopping we stopped to order from our favorite Thai restaurant.  I decided to go ahead and order take-out while J went to buy a sandwich from his favorite deli.  J and Dada met me at the restaurant and, to J’s delight, there was live music there tonight.  A fiddler and accordion player animated the wait time with lovely, lilting music.  J, eyes closed and fingers modulating the sounds coming into his ears, smiled happily.  The musicians, however, could not see the smile and, suspecting that they would assume he was being a brat about the music, we dropped a tip in their bucket and a note (that J signed) where I wrote: I really enjoy your music.  I am autistic and I cover my ears because I hear too much.  Carefully, J spelled out his name at the bottom, and then proceeded to smile and tap his foot along to the music.  As we left, he slowly walked through the picture window and looked at the instruments.  The lady who was playing the fiddle looked at him with a very polite smile, but something in her body language and the very direct look she gave us tells me that my instincts were right: she must’ve thought J was being rude.

Tomorrow morning, before the rain starts again, we will be going to market.  Perhaps there will be live music there.  There hasn’t been in the past two weeks, but tomorrow there might be someone playing.  J likes to stand a little apart from the music, and he likes to turn and clap and look up to the sky.  In the restaurant there was no space for that…we were waiting by the door and the space was narrow…and how can J look up to the sky when he’s indoors???  But I could tell…trust me…the smile said it all, and the OH MY he kept uttering as he listened.

Indoors…all day indoors except to go from the house to the car to the store to the car to the store to the car to the restaurant to the car to the house…but there was music…



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