What goes around comes around…and gets me…

I have the cold now.

J is better, yes, but still has a ways to go until he sounds like himself.  I, on the other hand, sound like something that would usually reside in a pond and sit on a lily pad…

The upside of this whole bout with the common cold is that J has taken regular medicine and we have not seen him spit, gag, complain or refuse to take another dose.  This is a miracle…

And I mean that…it’s a miracle because, taking the same medication, I’ve wanted to spit, gag; I’ve complained and I’ve refused to take another dose but yielded to pressure from my husband who wants me to be well so I can make him TH-OUP when it’s his turn to have this cold.

I think that, in fact, my husband is hoping to time his illness with his upcoming I’m-Fifty-Years-Old colonoscopy.  I have done everything in my power to keep him healthy…but we still have ten days to go until that not-particularly-happy occasion.  Like a kid who doesn’t want to participate in cotillion, he’s been doing any number of things in hopes of catching at least a sniffle and, so far, he’s failed miserably.

Right now, please forgive me, but I am going to crawl into bed where my body wants to be; it is not yet mid-September but the weather has been screaming October since late Friday…it’s a miracle we only have caught a mild cold so far…


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