Composed in the dark, during a moment of sudden illumination…

I sat up in bed, quite suddenly, last night and had a moment of clarity.  Perhaps it was the stuffy nose that did it, I don’t know.  But…in that short moment that I was awake, aware and lucid, I scribbled this on the notepad I keep next to my bed:

Things that have gone the way of the dinosaurs (in this household):

1)  Macaroni and cheese – it’s been several months since J’s last request for these.  Does he get a sobriety pin?

2)  Baby monitor

3)  Boxing gloves – I cannot stress or mention this one enough.

4)  Background music for sleeping – which means no more I Wanna Be Sedated or Crocodile Rock or I Want You To Want Me or Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or Wide Open Spaces or I Get a Kick Out of You or The Green, Green Grass of Home in a constant loop while we sleep.  The daytime hours, however, remain fair game.

5)  The timer for soda – yeah, he gets the ONE soda each day, and never before lunchtime.  He’s now cool with that.

6)  The weekly shopping trip in which SOMETHING must be purchased – J now goes to the store and will walk out without buying ANYTHING AT ALL.

7)  Some extra pounds on J’s frame.

8)  Candy – it REALLY is a treat now.

9)  Intransigence, inflexibility – they have been replaced with negotiable stubbornness.

And, after counting my blessings, I went back to sleep…



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