A web woven by the Amazing Spider-Man…

Zelda the Hellion Cat has started to mellow, but not so much so that you would deem her domesticated.  She’s just not irrepressible anymore.  This, I regret to say, has come as a result of many broken and knocked over things, but the men in my household are being gentlemanly about their accusing fingers…

Tomorrow is, oh frabjous day, time for Dada’s colonoscopy.  I am advocating adding this to anyone’s marriage vows.  “In sickness and in health” doesn’t quite have the ring to it that “before fifty and at colonoscopy time”…togetherness of this sort is something young people cannot begin to fathom when they think of “loving forevermore.”  I have mixed four liters of a disgusting fluid that must be consumed over the course of two days, 8 ounces at a time at ten to twenty minute intervals.  We started at four and before six P.M. the question I asked most was “feeling dehydrated?”

By this time tomorrow, hopefully, this will be a thing of the past.  Of course, after googling the after-effects of such a bodily invasion, I am expecting gas to be passed freely.  J has been a little more observant of what’s going on than usual because he’s not at all accustomed to Dada being mostly in our bedroom, and mostly heading towards the bathroom.  Our schedule (with the pre-colonoscopy cocktail) got slightly thrown off and supper was way later than usual, bumping bath-time into nearly bedtime.  TGG, fresh from a 12-hour shift, came home to augment my efforts and, as I type this, J has turned off his light after protesting about the world being off-kilter.

The other important thing we’ve done today (aside from get acquainted with, so to speak, the underbelly of medical procedures) was speak to the attorney regarding the guardianship process for J.  It will not be as cut-and-dried as we’d hoped, but it also won’t be as convoluted as we’d feared.  There seems to be, in our immediate future, this whole probing the inside of someone’s colon followed by mountains of paperwork and probing into what is best for J.

I will tell you more when I am no longer feeling so tired.  Even though I’m not the one being subjected to prying eyes tomorrow, I’ve been on the go since this morning.  Tomorrow will not be much easier: the next two liters of the colonoscopy cocktail need to be dispensed starting at 6:45 in the morning as Dada can have nothing-by-mouth two hours before his appointment.  We sign in at 11:45 and, if all goes well, the invasion to J’s schedule will be minimal.  TGG has taken the day off to be here for Dada, for J and for me, and our neighbor is lovely enough to sit with J if something is needed from TGG once the kid is home from school.

So…there you have the web woven by Spider-Man and me dangling (by the feet) from it.



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