The last gasp of summer…

Colonoscopy Day has come and gone.  In spite of the unpalatable nature of the colonoscopy cocktail, the hurdle is now overcome and we move on to the next thing…

J, for one, is pleased that Dada is now circulating among us as he is used to rather than in the disjointed way prescribed by the preparation for the test.  I, also, am tremendously glad as I don’t have to juggle everyone’s medication, drink, hydration, supplies and so forth more than what is normal.

And here is the weekend…

Tomorrow there is a football game so we will not be navigating through town until it’s over.  This is just as well since the anesthesiologist ordered Dada to refrain from driving for at least 24 hours and, optimally, for 48.  Between tonight’s Homecoming Game for J’s school, tomorrow’s college football game and all the traffic both generate, it is a good period of time to spend in the sanctity, quiet and relaxation of our own home.

Autumn-like weather has started to become the norm, and we are happily observing the leaves turn in the nearby hills.  Next weekend will be a good time, weather permitting, to go on a drive around the countryside.  The pumpkin patch will have to wait until October, and better yet until closer to Halloween.  By then we will require jackets or sweaters, and stopping for ice cream will be a thing of the past, but stopping for tea or hot chocolate will be wonderful.  J, in preparation for this transition, has been visiting with the Peanuts gang in their Thanksgiving classic: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  This, of course, is not as much of a masterpiece as A Charlie Brown Christmas or Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and don’t come back!,) but J seems to be getting into the autumnal mood by watching his friends re-enact the crossing of the Mayflower (sea sickness and all.)

In the midst of all the other events that have been unfolding I have failed to mention several things.  The most important of these things is that we finally got J’s school pictures earlier this week.  I know he is my son and I am tremendously biased, but I cannot help saying he is amazingly handsome and debonair.  The red polo shirt he wore was definitely an inspired choice and his hair and smile were absolutely stunning.  Many other mothers might balk at the Rosie O’Donnell smile J opted for, but I think he looks stellar and spectacular.  As of this moment, this particular picture wins for Best School Picture J Has EVER Taken.  When I asked him what he thought, there was quite a bit of hand-slapping of the happy sort and he blushed when I mentioned how handsome he looks.  He danced.  He shuffled.  He is happy with his picture.

Second thing I might have forgotten to mention: we have placed J’s iPad (FINALLY!) on layaway.  TGG and I had been putting away $20 each for the past few weeks and we managed to put down half the cost as a deposit.  So we will be able to comfortably pay the remaining balance by the time the cut-off date comes around in mid-December.  We are hoping that we will be able to collect it from the store in late November so that we have time to load it with J’s iTunes and the APPS for PECS and such that we would like to get for him.  That way, we think, once we hand it over and the surprise and awe are over, he can immediately use it.  These are the things that now occupy our thoughts.

The Christmas shopping is almost done.  I was waylaid by several small crises that arose over the summer months.  By my count, we still need to come up with four small gifts for J (two of which are movies and the Katy Perry concert movie, quelle surprise!, is obviously one of them.)  TGG is a little more difficult, but I’m working on a few quirky little things that will make him laugh and Dada, well, how do I make up for the colonoscopy?  I’ve yet to think of the seven small things that are yet to be acquired for his basket, but I’m working on it.

The cats, on the plus side of things, are improving their interactions.  We refer to letting Zelda run free as “releasing the Kraken.”  This is not as much of an exaggeration as one might think.  Maybe she has ADHD?  J has tempered his reaction to her but continues to prefer her when she’s not in motion.  Quite honestly, so do I…Miss Pipa is developing some sort of feline PTSD and she thinks she hears the menacing jingle of Zelda’s bell in her sleep.  I think I hear Zelda’s jingling bell in my sleep, too…

I know what you’re thinking: the cat seems like a mistake.  I would say she’s more of a mis-timing or mis-step, but not a mistake…I could have planned better, but I am not famous for doing these things (the ones that will throw the whole household into chaos) after too much thought.  I will consider the right slipcover to choose for the couch more carefully than I will bringing a living creature into our midst.  I give more thought to inanimate objects than I do living ones.  Does it throw us into a tailspin?  Yes.  It does.  But we are a family (a weird, spastic, ready-for-anything? family) and we will…gulp…gasp…sigh…adjust.

Until then, J will alternate screeching in mock-horror (because you can’t kiss the top of a cat’s head tenderly if you really hate it and fear it,) and saying PLEASE PUT CAT AWAY.  Until then, Miss Pipa will alternate between seeking out her new “companion” and hissing at the Kraken when it approaches her.  The gap that Miss JuJu left has not been filled completely, but there seems to be something else (hysteria? panic? horror? distaste?) filling it for the time being.  Zelda the Hellion Cat will become an everyday fact and J will go back to giving Miss Pipa the “hey” shrug in greeting.

And let autumn begin…we’re ready!



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