A brief recap of the onset of autumn…

The first day of autumn had every intention of making its presence felt.  Out came the jackets and what was left of the garden was taken into the garage (where it is doing quite well, thank you.)  We spent the morning (while football traffic waxed and waned) getting things organized at home.  J rose early and enthusiastically, and we thought for sure we’d have problems when we discovered he was dressed and ready to go out before ten a.m.

As it turned out, J was amenable to the idea of hanging out (dressed to go out) while we completed chores, and then he was happy to wait for us in the kitchen area while we waited for the game to start and a significant-enough lull in traffic to make an outing something less than a Cecil B. DeMille production.  This newfound patience of J’s is quite refreshing and comforting.  Suspicious, yes, but refreshing and comforting.

The only glitch in the weekend was trying to persuade J to wear long pants to school today.  As a courtesy, I had left one pair of shorts out, but was pretty certain that -once he realized how COLD it is in the mornings- J would lean towards wearing the long pants.  I was quickly and firmly disabused of this notion.  Out the door he went at 6:15 wearing shorts…heavy shorts, but shorts nonetheless.  Did I mention it was in the low forties at the time?  So today’s plan is to store all the shorts in the plastic bins in the garage.  Even the ones he’s wearing to school.

Today I am also expecting delivery of his new shoes.  Remember how the shoes I’d bought and saved for this time of year didn’t fit him?  The pull-on ankle boots with side-zip will be delivered today.  I have been stalking them on UPS.  Once those arrive, I am sure it will be easier to persuade J to wear long pants with them.  Correction: once those arrive I am HOPING it will be easier to persuade J to wear long pants.


The boots have arrived.  They fit beautifully…everywhere except around J’s rather beefy calves.  I am sure if I stuff them with paper and if he wears them for a few hours, they will develop further suppleness and pliancy.  Correction: I am hoping if I stuff them and…I’m just hoping.  They are very soft and very attractive, and he didn’t have any trouble putting them on, but there’s always the possibility that my son -he of the substantial calves he has inherited from only the Good Lord knows which side of our ancestry- might find the boots to be constrictive in all the wrong places.  We shall see…

In the meantime, not a single pair of shorts is available for J to wear tomorrow morning.  How this will work when it’s time for him to leave remains to be seen.  The young man is set-enough in his ways to insist on skimpy pants when the weather begs for more than that.  I am willing to negotiate, especially since I received news that today he -drumroll, please- took his hats off and went to school lunch bareheaded.  I don’t know if he is thinking ahead and hoping this will bear witness to his willingness to mature, and that it will make me more simpatico to the fact that he might insist on shorts two mornings in a row.

The truth is that if J can think in such a sophisticated manner and is prepping the ground for some early-morning, not-enough-caffeine negotiations, he deserves to wear the shorts until he’s ready, and…he will be ready soon enough.  Once he feels cold (which he will…by the first week in October, I’m sure,) J will happily trade his cabana shorts for his old, tried and true green cargo pants.  He knows they’re in the closet because he saw them this morning, and he insisted on putting them back…

So, yes, we are in yet another transition period.  We seem to get a lot of those around here, but they become easier to deal with the more J is willing to negotiate.  We consistently walk in and out of stores without a single purchase being made, and when I reorganized the pantry this weekend, J seemed very aware of where his snacks are being stored and how much of each is left.  The arrival yesterday afternoon of a new wire shelving unit for the garage made J very happy and he then proceeded to assemble it (I’m thinking to demonstrate his hammer-wielding skills to Dada) and then to help put things away on it.

The resident teenager, therefore, is settling into autumn in small doses.  Even though we no longer have the central A/C going because it no longer is necessary, J has yet to accept that he doesn’t need the second fan he keeps in his room.  It sounds like a windstorm in there, but he feels comforted by hum of the apparatus.  He has added an extra blanket and no longer wears short-sleeve tees to bed, but he will not give up his fan.  This is, I suppose, a different version of the shorts and sandals he insists on keeping in the rotation.  I can only go with it for now, but I will have to keep a close eye on the weather and start pressing a little more insistently as autumn progresses.

We resumed our family-time Wii run today.  J, running in place to the tune of The Black Keys, was happy and full of energy.  TGG did pretty well, especially considering that he had just come home from work.  Dada and I?  Let’s not talk about it, shall we?  We definitely need to get into a groove and quickly.  I spent more time with my tongue sticking out and mentally praying for deliverance than actually running…

Yes, autumn starts with a bang, a whimper…and several squeaks that indicate now is the time to get moving before winter arrives, sets in and we are DOOMED to those extra 10 pounds inactivity will easily pile on us…


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