The structure of my back is strictured…

Peace reigned last night.  Harmony dispersed and floated around the house.  J was happy and entertained, willing to interact and encouraged to do so…

Hence the crick in my neck and the ache in my back…

And today is a short school day.  J will be home in a little over an hour…and I am in pain.

My discomfort is alleviated by the fact that J was truly happy and sociable last night; he giggled, played and horsed around with Dada and I (TGG was working a 12-hour.)  The spontaneity of his desire to play caught me off guard…so my discomfort is also being alleviated by a thermal-wrap on my shoulders, Tiger Balm on my lower back and some very thoughtful breathing…I know I have toes, I just cannot bend far enough to see (let alone TOUCH) them right now.

Am I happy with the outcome of last night’s efforts?  Yes, of course.  If you discount the fact that I am sore today, climbing over furniture to play with J was absolutely worth it; I cannot sustain this level of physical activity without  acknowledging the aches and pains attached to it, but I am not sorry we took a more free-wheeling, roughhousing, fun-filled approach to getting J to get up off the couch and be silly.

It helped matters that J came home from school feeling very happy.  He bought a school sweatshirt, see…and it is quite nice and he is very happy with his choice of color.  Taking advantage of his good mood, I worked on keeping him occupied without him realizing that that was the whole purpose.  His snacks were parceled out  little by little and I was very clear and consistent in reminding him of what was in the snack box and when we were having dinner.  At the time when I anticipated he would be coming upstairs looking for a snack, I served his plate and invited him to sit down.  He ate some, in a good mood, and said FINISHED.  Very well, I said, on your way then.

Dada started cleaning the kitchen and I went downstairs to entertain J by folding laundry.  He was watching a Disney video with the language set to French.  There is nothing funnier for that kid than seeing mom trying to lip-sync to something she knows nothing about.  In the afternoon I had been very successful at lip-syncing to one song he was fixating on, and he enjoyed that plus the somewhat wacky choreography that I came up with at the time.  (OK, try to imagine a somewhat exuberantly-shaped, high-pitch voiced, middle-aged mother lip-syncing to Joss Stone’s rendition of I Put a Spell On You while balding, nerdy-looking Dada plays air-guitar a la Jeff Beck…you’d laugh too, wouldn’t you?)  We ran to Dead and Gone by The Black Keys and J was happily clapping along to the beat, and we all did yoga together.  Are your muscles starting to cramp up????

So by the time I started the laundry-folding while lip-syncing to When You Wish Upon a Star in French,  J was primed for silliness.  Cue The Big Bad Wolf.  I play a mean Big Bad Wolf.  I do the piggy voices and get into the whole thing with my entire body…huffing and puffing included.  J’s belly is the door to each piggy’s house…enough said.

J has always liked to play “count to three and ROAR!!!!”  He knows we’re behind the couch…he can see the tops of our heads, but he always laughs hysterically when we jump out and say “ARRRRRRRRR.”  We did this enough times to get tired and feel achy, but at the end of all this J was actually holding out his arms and asking for hugs and kisses in the most affectionate way…

I can live with this…I just need to make sure I don’t run out of Tiger Balm…


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