Weather, weather everywhere…

No, we are not in the path of Sandy, the storm now referred to as the Frankenstorm by forecasters far and near.  We are inland enough and high enough above the river that we don’t have to worry about rising tides or flooding.  However, we will feel the impact of this system, and we have prepared for it.

J, who doesn’t remember dear ol’ hurricane Georges too clearly, is oblivious to the reason for all the activity around the house.  He is enjoying every minute of seeing stop and ponder, stop and discuss, stop and reorganize.  As long as we have what he might require in the case of a prolonged power outage, J is happy and calm.

That the weather has proven to be a fickle mistress should surprise no one.  After a summer that basically scorched our brains to a crisp, we entered a lovely autumn that decided it wasn’t ready to take hold and, this past Thursday, we experienced temperatures in the low 80s (or mid  to high 20s in Celsius.)  J didn’t quite get why I’d not let him wear shorts, but since he couldn’t find any in his closet, he was ok with this.

So…they tell us that the wind will give us a run for our money (even this far inland.)  They tell us that it will rain copiously (2 to 3 inches or 5 to 7 centimeters) in one day.  They tell us that it might snow.  How does one get J ready for these complications?  He knows weather, but he doesn’t understand the repercussions of weather.  I’m sure that he is far from remembering that hurricanes cause the power to go out and that the power is necessary to run all the things that normally entertain him.

We have batteries.  We have his portable DVD player.  We are making sure that the iPods are charged and that we have batteries to run his iPod dock.  We have bought a nice camp stove that we’ve placed on the lower deck so that we can cook properly and not have to resort to canned goods only.  We bought an extra tank of propane gas.  Do you wonder why J thinks all this is a party about to happen???

When he last experienced a hurricane it was a direct hit to where we lived.  It was a direct hit in more ways than one because the hurricane and its aftermath put the finishing touches on the crumbling of a marriage.  TGG remembers this clearly.  He has, thankfully, understood that weather and marriages don’t necessarily destroy each other.  The stress we are feeling preparing for the inconveniences of this storm hasn’t caused more than a couple of “wait, I thought you wanted that here and not there…” between Dada and I.  TGG remembers no running water, no electricity, canned food and a host of other unpleasant things.  J probably remembers the I.V. he needed when he got sick and had to be taken to emergency.  Other than that…

TGG has taken it in his stride in spite of the disastrous developments of yesterday.  The long-distance romance was peremptorily finished (via e-mail) by the other party.  Between noon and seven o’clock at night, he went from sadness to outrage to disbelief to frustration to anger to sadness and to resignation.  That J walked in, “felt” a disturbance in The Force, and became the most solicitous and affectionate brother a 21 year-old dude would ever not want fawning over him when he’s handling a broken heart turned out to be a pretty good thing.  TGG redirected and was soon watching The Flintstones with J; it might not be the best salve for a broken heart, but it does put things in perspective when you realize Fred needed foot-power to move his not insignificantly sized vehicle.

It has been a week of successes and setbacks.  In other words: it has been a run-of-the-mill week.  J is now coming home with his hats in his bag and walking all the way into our home bareheaded.  TGG is nursing a bruised ego and a broken heart.  I have had to figure out what I need from the store more times than I care to admit…especially since it has resulted in several trips that I could have smooshed into one if I’d been more willing to take my time to prepare a list.  Dada is now the happy and proud owner of a camp stove that will augment our “summer kitchen” and make it all the more versatile in summer.

So…there you have it.  Sandy, that scatterbrained storm that can’t quite make up her mind, is going to make us miserable for a while.  J’s Halloween party at school might be affected by this, but they got all 20 lbs (a little over 9 kg) of dog biscuits baked and packaged on Friday.  Wednesday’s trick-or-treaters might not appear or might appear drenched inside their pirate, vampire, Power Ranger, ninja, princess costumes.  We’re ready for them…and wondering how to give them respite from the rain when (or if) they turn up.

Now I will leave you so that I can go get supervised into running yet another load of laundry.  J’s participation in all the preparations has been limited to telling us what to do and helping carry heavy things.  He gets a kick out of easily lifting something that will leave me with my tongue hanging out and trying to catch my breath.  As long as J is in charge, I’m sure we’ll all be fine…

We have marshmallows and The Flintstones…who can complain under such circumstances?

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