The Storm…Part 3

If you are reading this it is because we have not lost power.  Overnight we continued the steady rain pattern and it must have been briefly interrupted by snow because the windshields of vehicles parked behind us were covered in the stuff.  Of course, after a cup of coffee and a brief consultation with the weather forecasters, we were spurred to action by J.  [What?  You thought he was happily curled up in his bed enjoying the unexpected respite from school????  You ARE naive!]

As of 7:15 a.m., dishes were done, laundry was gathered and conveyed to the laundry room, snack box was filled, kitchen was cleaned…at the rate we’re going, J can safely remove, replace and re-install carpeting for the whole house in what’s left of this day if he is so inclined and provided with the proper materials.  I see a 1000-piece puzzle in my future…as well as various loads of laundry (if the power isn’t interrupted.)

It will rain all day.  It will snow part of the day.  The house will be made to look neat as a pin immediately after anything is disrupted by use or human contact.  Such is the way of J at home on days like this one.  If the power goes out, well, we’ll play that one by ear…TGG isn’t working today (but works 12-hours tomorrow) so we can work on painting the treat bags for Halloween.  Since TGG has to work tomorrow AND it is Halloween, we will hopefully bake cookies for him to take.  I bought cookie cutters, frosting and food coloring…that should entertain the children for a while.

Blessings counted: we have power, we’re not flooded, we have our health, we have food and water, and we’re not feeling cold…

and the house will be neat as a pin because J is on the job!!!


4 thoughts on “The Storm…Part 3

    • Truth be told, if we hadn’t spent money on the camp stove and were completely able to cook anything we wanted, our power would have conked out a long time ago. 🙂

  1. Can J fly over and help me with my house – it seems to be never ending with my children. No sooner have I put something away and tidied an area, so they have it all back out or making mess elsewhere! 🙂

    • I would be happy to send him over. There are days when I truly miss a messy house… It’s even worse when J decides to “supervise” instead of being hands-on because that means I get to do most of the work. Today he’s VERY hands-on…I might have to go spelunking for things he’s “put away” in places he determines are better than my storage areas. 😀

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