The Storm…Part 4

Dada has been on the road to work for over an hour and a half.  That he works five minutes away from home is inconsequential.  Perhaps the best illustration of why he is not yet there is this:



Until I get a call that says he’s made it OK, I will be lingering by the phone with my stomach tied in knots…yes, I’m that kind of melodramatic wife.

The latest report (with mere minutes to go until TWO hours have elapsed since he left) is that Dada is finally at the foot of the final hill and to the traffic light.  It should be smooth sailing from there.  In the half hour that has gone by since I took that picture, the amount of snow has increased, Zelda has rubbed up against J’s legs (causing a mild and short-lived panic,) Zelda has been sent to the garage, J has had “cheese toast” and I’ve woken TGG up…

It’s not even ten in the morning and it feels like a very long day already…but we’re neither under water, nor digging out of snow (yet,) nor without power nor in harm’s way.

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