The Storm…Epilogue

The phone rang shortly after six P.M. and we were holding our breath…the woman who lives inside the Caller ID announced “call…from…s…cho…ol.”  (We’ve never quite understood why she breaks the word SCHOOL down.  It must be something in the programming.)  The governor of the state has declared a state of emergency but left it to the superintendents’ discretion to determine if they would close the schools tomorrow.  When the phone rang and Caller ID woman started speaking, we all froze.  J, you see, has been bored stiff in spite of all the activities that we’ve completed today.

We’ve cleaned.  We’ve baked cookies.  We’ve decorated cookies.  We’ve cleaned AFTER baking and decorating cookies.  We’ve done laundry.  You name it, we’ve done it.  By five P.M. poor J was ready to throw in the towel.  I sat with him and he hugged me very tightly, as if to say “I love you, lady, but if I have to spend another whole day here with you for no good reason…well…this hug is the tip of the iceberg.  I will CRUSH you!”

So, his foot was in midair as the phone rang, and -like the rest of us- he stopped where he was.  I turned on the speakerphone…we might as well hear the bad news together.

A two-hour delay!   We only have a two-hour delay!  And the weather forecast says we won’t trudge through snow because it will rain after 11 P.M.  I am pretty sure that oh, frabjous day, callooh callay is not a bad thing to say right now.

We are celebrating a return to normalcy even while we see how bad things are elsewhere.  It is horrible.  It is truly sad.  So much destruction and so much work ahead of everyone…

We are thankful for our blessings…but don’t think for once we forget what others have gone through and will continue going through now that the storm has passed.  Once you’ve been through a hurricane, it’s hard to say “oh, well…they’ll be fine in the long run” because you know how long the long run really is…

We go to bed tonight feeling grateful, but we know how blessed we are and how difficult things have been and will be for others.  Our happiness is tempered by that.


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