In the Land of the Computerless…

Today we made the trek to the outskirts of Pittsburgh to take my computer to the Apple Store.  She will remain there for the rest of the week.  I had received an e-mail from Apple warning that Imogene came from a batch of iMacs that might have a faulty hard-drive, and I should take it to get replaced sooner rather than later.  When Apple sends an e-mail, one should heed it as soon as possible.  On Thursday evening, Imogene (my computer) decided to not work, and -hoping still against all hope that the backups have worked- I scheduled an appointment to have her seen by an Apple Genius.

All this translated into J going to the mall.  After a little over an hour in the car, we arrived at the first “real” mall we’ve been to in over 8 years.  Oh, we’ve been to “the mall,” but the malls we’ve frequented over the past eight years have been partially stripped of stores, equipped with very limited quantities of restaurants at the food court, and sad looking groups of people wandering aimlessly about as if looking for stores that used to be there and no longer are.  Today we arrived at a “real” mall, and J was over the moon.

Apple Stores are seldom empty, or so I’ve been told.  This one was no exception.  A sea of people milled about looking at new items and we patiently stood waiting for our tech to be available.  The same computer that on Friday morning refused to work turned on immediately and worked normally in the presence of a qualified Apple Genius and while surrounded by its peers (all things beginning their names with “i.”)  Long story short, Imogene is having her perhaps faulty hard-drive replaced and I am slumming it with Dada’s laptop until then.

Long story short: I got a text message from TGG informing me that J was exuberantly happy at the food court.  That we have to return there next weekend to retrieve Imogene will be an embarrassment of riches for him.  I, having remembered how claustrophobic the mall makes me, am not particularly thrilled to go back.

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to the last open-air Farmers’ Market.  We bought winter squashes (which will become soup this week,) and a few other items.  The weather caused by Sandy limited the amount of stalls open so we counted our blessings and moved on to the library book sale.  First Saturday is 50% off at the used book sale.  We walked out with a Friends of the Library membership (another 10% off from our purchases) and a mountain of books for 13 dollars.  After that expedition, we went to buy another bookshelf for J to put together on Tuesday; Election Day is a no-school day so I am preparing to entertain my darling boy with another project.  We need more space for books, and J needs something to do; a happy confluence of circumstances, I would say.

The weather has turned to colder temps, and we are all leaving the house with layers of shirts, sweaters, jackets and such.  As we know, we’ve had a taste of snow already and, though it irks me to admit it, my adventures sliding down-slope have left me with a crick in my back.  I had ordered a pair of Stabilicers from L.L. Bean for J, and now I’ll be purchasing some for myself.  If you don’t know what they are, this is the gist of it: they are slip-on spikes to wear over your shoes…they help you navigate snow and ice.  We need three more sets.  We also need more Tiger Balm.

That’s the gist of the weekend.  J is happy because the “real” mall was made available to him, and I am waiting for Imogene to heal from her condition.  Dada’s laptop isn’t my friend (a lot of empty e-mails get sent…don’t ask why as I’ve yet to figure it out,) so I will do my best to keep you up to speed until Imogene comes back.  If I post something and it’s empty, blame HAL’s spawn…it doesn’t like me one bit…


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