This is quick! I don’t have much time…

Dada’s computer hates me.  I know it sounds hyperbolic, but hyperbole does not detract from the fact that what I’m saying is true.  I know this because, by my count, I have sent over sixty empty e-mails since last Sunday.  Isn’t that enough?  OK…I have ended up typing in the middle of a sentence because the mouse is so sensitive that I end up moving into regions I don’t want to move into on the screen.  Three people have e-mailed and asked if I’m drunk or if I’ve had a neurological episode…their concern sounded legitimate.  They eliminated the possibility of a neurological episode when I told them it was Dada’s laptop playing tricks on me…now they think I drink.

Tuesday was a no-school day due to the Presidential Election.  J didn’t understand the whole exercise of democracy, but he was game for entertaining me and keeping me away from the internet and the news updates.  Today, J came home early due to a power failure at school, and he’s been game for entertaining me this time around, too.  In a nutshell, we’ve done a lot of laundry, cleaned the kitchen several times over and looked through a pile of old magazines to identify any items he knows.  The only problem we encountered was a print-ad for toothpaste that shows a woman with glittery blue lips…J looked alarmed, and I had to explain that it was because of the “cool mint” flavor.  He looked at his own tube of toothpaste for such a long time before brushing that I wonder if it had anything to do with the print-ad.

Still without a computer, but Imogene is ready for pick-up and will be home on Saturday.  I am expecting to be fully operational by Sunday…

While I’ve been typing this, two windows I didn’t request opened because the cursor moved over a task bar…I also have had to go back and re-type several words because other words ended up wedged in the middle…

I’m running out of time to get this done before Dada’s laptop decides to take over like HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey…I miss Imogene…now THAT’S an awesome computer.  It doesn’t really give me trouble…it’s not like Apple didn’t warn me that it might conk out.  Windows…well, Windows tends to be more troublesome…once in a while it freezes, it jolts, it does whatever it wants to and you can’t really


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