Once more…with caution

The darned laptop cut me off yesterday.  I’m starting to believe it’s personal.  It refused to work for the rest of the afternoon until Dada came home, turned it on and there you have it…she was purring like a happy kitty the rest of the night.  This morning it has allowed me check my Facebook page, e-mail and the times for Skyfall at the closest movie theater to the house.  In the middle of all this it keeps asking me if I’m sure I want to navigate away from any page I’m looking at…

This weekend’s mission (outside of retrieving Imogene from the Apple Store) is to work on getting J to count to 30.  Yes, I am asking for trouble.  J already says things 20 times before being satisfied that he got his point across…this is an exercise in patience for the rest of us.  However, I cannot let our wish to not say NO or YES more than 20 times in a row get in the way of progress, can I?

The reason why I’ve decided to spend the rest of today practicing counting to thirty in ASL is because of yesterday.  No sooner had the bus dropped J off at around 11:30 that he started his BURGER request.  TGG, who is young and still learning to fine-tune the patience, was gripping the steering wheel quite tightly by the time we got to the fifth BURGER.  I said it would take more, and I would count them out for him so he’d know when to stop.  BURGER.  “Six and yes.”  BURGERBURGER “Seven and eight, and yes.”  A minute elapsed.  BURGER.  “Nine…yes.”  And so forth…even in quick succession I counted them individually.  BURGER.  “Twenty.  You’re done.  Yes.”  Two minutes later: BURGER.  “That’s 21, you’re cheating.  We’re not starting the count from scratch.”

We had hit a snag.  There was traffic.  Noontime traffic.  We got to fifty BURGER and leapt out of the car in search of fresh air and freedom from repetitiveness as soon as we reached the store’s parking lot.  J was so enthused about the prospect of getting the much-asked-for BURGER that he didn’t realize he was hatless.  He was hatless when he got off the bus, hatless in the car, hatless in the store, and hatless at the burger joint where (thirty more BURGER later) we got their lunch.  He was even hatless when he got home, changed his clothes and sat down to eat…at this moment he realized he’d left his hats in his backpack in the trunk of TGG’s car, and that’s when he asked for them.

The fact that J fixates on a word is not the most enjoyable thing we can deal with, but it does convince me that I need to work on numbers 21 through 30 this weekend.  I’m hoping he will negotiate that that’s the amount of times he’s allowed to repeat a request before one of us faints or runs out of the house (or car) screaming.  I think we can find a happy middle ground.

I didn’t mention the hatlessness to him.  I didn’t want him to suddenly feel “naked” and “exposed.”  TGG and I exchanged a look, and TGG walked around with his keys handy so he could run to the car in case the hats were needed.  We didn’t really celebrate this hatless outing until Dada got home from work, and we then kept it very matter-of-fact.  J is working on letting go, and we want to encourage him, but we don’t want to pressure him with our approval.  Does that make sense?

I will, hopefully, have my computer back up and running by Sunday, but -strangely enough- I have not been plagued by any urgency to stay connected.  The Election Night news we caught on TV and as soon as a winner was declared, we climbed into bed and went to sleep.  Miss Zelda is the only one who truly misses the iTunes covers flashing through the screen when the computer is idle…she thinks it’s intended to entertain and taunt her…

Less than two weeks until Thanksgiving…I am wondering where this year went to and I’m starting (in hindsight) to see traces of its movement.  But I’ll get to that another day…the year is quickly being spent, but it’s also not quite over yet.


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