This one I got myself into…

J is the super-organized person in the household.  He will make sure that the socks are perfectly matched while we’re sorting and folding; he will pile forks, knives and spoons that belong to the same cutlery pattern (yes, we have more than one…or two…maybe four…) before putting them away; he is the one who goes into the linen closet and can tell if the gray of one towel is different from the gray of the towels amongst which it’s nestled.  I am always (as you know) rolling my eyes at how persnickety he can be, and I am one of several in this household who refer to him as The Supervisor or say “crap!  Here comes Mr. Quality Control!!!”

But, then again, they say the pear doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I don’t often admit this, and I might forget I’ve admitted it now after a few days go by, but the truth of the matter is that I am organized and I hate myself for it.  J is a good reason to be organized, but J has very little to do with why I ended up making a list of all our books that I then entered into a spreadsheet.  He has very little to do with the fact that I’ve also said I’m going to alphabetize said list because right now it’s merely -get this…it’s a lulu- merely divided into the cubes that the books occupy.  Yep, you read right…out of 65 cubes in shelving units, I numbered all of them and then -while J grinned happily through the whole sordid affair- walked around with a clipboard jotting down titles, authors and the kind of binding the books have.  Oh…I also made a diagram.  J was rolling around on the floor laughing about that one.

I was very surprised to discover (and this was what initially prompted this project) that we only have FOUR titles repeated among the lot.  That makes less than .60% of our books.  I was relieved to realize that I haven’t been building a library over multiple copies of the same book.  I also discovered that only 30% of those books are Dada’s which means what you think it means…I’m the book hoarder!

Our public library has a lovely book sale every other Saturday and every Tuesday; on the first Saturday of the month, books are 50% off and with our Friends of the Library membership we get an extra 10% off.  On Saturday mornings we turn into children in a candy store, and I’ve found myself not grabbing this or that book because I don’t know if I already have it.  Now I know for sure what I have and what I don’t and, let me tell you, my taste in books is all over the place.  J found it pretty amusing to hear me groan whenever I ran into a title that I was self-conscious about.  (No, I won’t mention any of them…just be forewarned that I am officially a nerd and I need to lighten up…)

With Christmas, yes…CHRISTMAS!!!…a little over a month away, we are in full swing with the shopping.  TGG, for example, went on a shopping excursion this evening accompanied by Dada.  There was a lot of giggling, a lot of bags rustling and a lot of shhhhhhhh as they walked in and dispensed with their coats.  I shopped for several things this morning…yes, books…that’s what I mean by things.  J is aware of all this activity and is opening the hallway closet (where all things mysterious and wonderful hide until they are wrapped and the Twelve Days begin) and giggling as he shuts the door quite quickly.

Next week J is on holiday from school.  He gets all week off for Thanksgiving, and he has already made it clear that the living room is his.  Today, on the way home from the bus, I mentioned “J!  Today is Thursday!  Tomorrow you’ll go to school and it will be Friday!  Then Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…(I did this all the way home…signing and speaking so that by the time we got to the door, it was Sunday again) you get to be home and THEN you go back to school!  (Scrape, scrape of the boots…swoosh of the sliding glass door)  What are you going to do with all those days off????”  J immediately walked in, leaned on the sofa and smiled as if to say “well, WHAT do YOU think, lady????”  Point taken…

As we walked up to his room to make him comfortable (and to close the curtains,) I mentioned my clipboard and his binders full of movies.  J stopped in his tracks and looked at me as if I’d not learned a lesson from my recent bout with hyper-organization.  “Hey, you have a LOT of movies, and we can make sure we get them all organized for you!  Just like when you sorted your Legos by color????”    Thunk thwack went the boots into the closet.  “With Twelve Days coming…more movies!!!”  Swoosh, plop went his shirts.  He stopped to look at me quite thoughtfully and then walked to his shelf.  J ran his fingers over the binders and then told me to leave.  Ok, I thought…this is not quite done.

The rest of the afternoon went by placidly enough.  We smiled politely at each other as we met on the stairs, crossed paths in the laundry room…the usual drill.

As soon as I sat down to relax after cooking dinner and leaving the kitchen ready for the cleaning crew, J walked up to me with a big smile.  Not having my glasses on made me squint as he handed something over…

A clipboard.  I guess I’m on the job again…

This one…yes, this one is all my own doing…



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