After the evening egress

This morning, after breakfast, I set J back in his room and told him to rest.  He was still running a temperature and I thought it best to, firmly but kindly, have him spend the morning away from the Frozen Tundra.  I admit there was some selfishness involved; I had a horrible night and was ready to rest a little while longer.  The first surprise was that EVERYONE was up and about before I was; I had managed to fall back to sleep while the house filled with the noise and activity of TGG, J and Dada greeting the day and making breakfast.

While Dada shaved and got ready for work, I planned out the next hour or so…read a little, doze off a little…  It sounded heavenly and I was REALLY looking forward to it before having to face the rest of the day, and the vaporizer, and the cold medicine, and the up-and-down-the-stairs, and…you know the rest.

As Dada headed down to the kitchen, and I followed in his wake, gingerly navigating each step, I noticed J’s light was out.  “Oh, how sweet!  He’s put himself back to bed for a little while longer!,” I said, my heart full of blind joy.  No sooner had my feet landed on the kitchen floor, the distinct sound of Goofy learning to dance (or something along those lines because we all know that Goofy took all sorts of animated lessons during the post-War era,) grabbed my ear and pulled me to the next set of stairs.

“Yep,” Dada said, “he put himself back to bed alright!  Downstairs!  On the couch!  With the big TV!”  I sighed.  Foiled.  Again.  Story of my life.

The day since that moment turned into a constant flow of NOSE (with the appropriate vocabulary surrounding the request, of course,) NOODLES, WATER, MOVIE, HELP, PLEASE.  Zelda the Hellion Cat has finally been accepted into J’s world.  No, correction…Zelda is now tolerated in J’s world.  He knows that PLEASE will trigger the poor cat’s reflex of running into the garage, or that one of us will scoop her up and take her away.  The amount of time that he allows her in his presence and the proximity he permits to his personal space are improving vastly; J will even pet her -not in the most tender of manners, but we can’t expect a sudden change of heart, can we?- when he feels so inclined.

It is now barely eight o’clock and, after a bath, medicine for his cold symptoms, Vicks Vapo Rub, clean pajamas, a shave and a haircut (not in that order,) J gathered up all his movies and his Slinky and returned to his room.  The vaporizer and thermometer followed closely behind…not self-propelled, of course.  The already-tired adults had to make an additional trip to finish bringing J’s safari gear up to his room.  After tucking him in, and making sure that the vaporizer was loaded with both fresh water and fresh solution, we were unceremoniously ejected from J’s kingdom.  I hope he sleeps all night, but I hope I sleep all night even more…

There you have it.  Thanksgiving is still on track, but with certain cautions in place.  The usual Thanksgiving Day trip to the movies is postponed.  The turkey is discreetly defrosting in the refrigerator.  All the lists are ready for handing out and mobilizing the involved parties.  I am hoping against all hope that we wake up to less congestion and no fever tomorrow, and that J feels more energized and less demanding (and not just more energized to be more demanding.)

The weather has been overcast and warmer than this time last year, but there is the possibility of snow in the forecast.  I am sure that by the time it does snow and get colder, J will be feeling much better…and I will be starting the misery of my own cold.

That’s why I’m the mommy.


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