Postcards from Tryptophania…

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Let it be known, far and wide, that on this 23rd day of November…a Friday…Chester the XXIX has met his doom.  He was placed in the roaster, at 325 ℉, at precisely one o’clock in the afternoon and his “ready-button” popped at 4:30.  This operation being conducted with great precision and forward thinking, all other items intended for Thanksgiving Dinner consumption were timed to perfection and we sat down to dinner at the agreed-upon time.

The mess in the kitchen is not only self-renewing (or seems to be,) but it is also spectacular.  While the rest of the human population of the household is currently fighting off waves of much-desired tryptophan-induced laziness by cleaning the mess I left in my wake (art isn’t easy…,) I am sitting up here happily playing “not my job” while I finish the wine left in my glass.

Call me a coward if you will, but I have one more mess to make and I am gearing up for it: chocolate cream-cheese frosting for my husband’s last-minute
“best chocolate cake ever” recipe extracted from a cookbook he often looks at and seldom uses.  Because this is a house where we are avid subscribers to “food porn,” finding a recipe usually takes a great deal of effort, a lot of backtracking and the use of post-it flags.  There are books that look like they are wearing Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Coat…or whatever it’s called.

J thoroughly enjoyed his dinner.  The turkey, of course, because it’s poultry and it was juicy, but mostly the home-made rolls because they were plump and warm, and we hadn’t made a successful batch in a few years.  (High-altitude baking…a hit or miss thing…oh how glad we are that we are a lot lower now!)

We are expecting the possibility of snow tonight.  I am hoping it is mild because I owe the library one book that is due tomorrow, and I have yet another that I managed to read between going to bed last night and stealing chunks of time here and there today.  I am not looking forward to snow except for the opportunity it will provide to test the famous coco-mats I ordered to prevent us from slipping and sliding our way down the hill.  I am hoping that they work as promised, but if they don’t at least they didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

There you have it.  Another Thanksgiving is done and we forge ahead into the holiday season.  Dada travels next week (which is a tremendous source of stress for me,) and J goes back -hopefully completely freed from his cold- to school on Monday.  We did this a day later than the rest of the world, but we did it with a great deal of joy and, modesty joyfully tossed aside with a great deal of enthusiasm, quite tastily.  The cats will enjoy their bit of turkey as much as we enjoyed our discreetly portioned amounts (we cannot eat so much that leftovers are not left over,) and we got to spend the day together and happy, barely stepping on each others’ toes.

Of course, it is nearly seven P.M., and J wants to do laundry and there is a double-boiler waiting for me to melt chocolate…the day is far from over.  The gratitude is never in short supply (even if it can be a little grudging at times.)

On to Saturday…

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