At 5:30 a.m., Michigan J. Frog was up and about…and ready for school…

The sloshy-nosed, sorry-looking kid that crawled into bed last night (seemingly so philosophical about the BUS and BACKPACK being removed from the PECS board) woke up before I did this morning.  In the place of that Vicks-infused creature there was a being that could only be described as a cross between Gene Kelly, Tommy Tune, Bob Fosse and Hugh Jackman performing the role of Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz.  The level of “I’m healthy enough to go to school” exuberance was off the charts.  If you don’t remember who Michigan J. Frog is, you might want to You Tube that cartoon…that’ll give you an idea of what I was up against when I dragged my sorry self out of bed.

In the face of such enthusiasm, I had to ask myself (as I trudged back home in what was not any lighter than fifteen minutes earlier when we climbed down) if I am that tedious and boring.  (Don’t answer, please.  If ever there was a rhetorical question uttered it was that one.  Seriously, please refrain…)  It seems that J would rather brave a walk to the corner in the cold, dark morning than spend the whole day here with me.  If memory serves correctly, I only liked staying at home “sick” when everyone else was gone, so this might be yet another sign of so-called normal adolescent behavior on J’s part.  I am only hoping that he does feel better and we don’t have to go through the same rigmarole tonight.


Nearly nine P.M. and, from down the hallway, I can hear J laughing and giggling at only he knows what.  Previous to his bath, he regaled us with a whispered-whistled ditty that seems to be his own original composition.  Not only does it sound original, it is obviously a “happy” song.  He was putting his laundry away and I was in the bathroom filling the tub when I first heard it.

Now…I was watching Ghost Hunters while having tea this afternoon and, somehow, I ended up leaving the same channel on until I came upstairs.  The whisper-whistle gave me a start.  I didn’t know where it was coming from and, my brain addled by a show on -of all channels- SyFy wrapped around my brain and made me turn around, eyes so wide open I thought they were going to bug out…

Serves me right that it was J with his little song and his merry giggle.

Now it’s time to get ready for tomorrow morning and another trek down the hill.  After worrying about his sloshy/stuffy nose and his slightly elevated temperature last night, J was perfectly fine at school all day.  The only problem he had is the frustration he feels when he wants to put his sandals on the table while he switches to boots.  At home and at school we’re modeling that footwear goes on the floor, but J just wants them on the table.  There is collective frustration, but I’m hoping to find some way to get him to comply with the “no shoes on the table rule.”

I am tired.  J feels better and I feel worse.  There was tickling in my throat last night that kept waking me up.  I had no tickling in my throat during the day.  Dada won’t be back until midnight tomorrow.  That puts the full-blown symptoms of the cold that I seem to be harboring (on the down-low for now, of course) kicking into full swing by…oh…11:59 tomorrow night?

Yes.  That’s about what I figure!


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