Finally Friday…

Once more we reach the weekend.  It has been raining all day and a feeling of laziness has permeated everyone.  The cats are competing for square-footage on our bed; J is holding court in the family room; TGG is cocooned in his bedroom and Dada and I are hoping to make some time for a movie.  It’s supposed to rain all the way through to Monday, and then we switch to snow showers.  I get the feeling our Christmas tree will have to drip-dry for more than 24 hours before we allow it to stand in the family room…

A note came from school today, announcing that J will technically be done with his scheduled classes on the 14th of December, but that -just like last year- he is welcome to come to school even though he’ll be the only student in his classroom.  I will, as usual, negotiate Monday and Tuesday of the following week, but only so I can catch my breath before plunging deep into vacation time.  This means, of course, that I will buy lunch for teacher and aides, and will provide entertainment for the young man who would be bored at home, and happy within the familiarity of the school schedule.  I will not send him all week.  I will plan for baking, decorating, crafts and other projects until he goes back to school shortly after New Year’s.

For all intents and purposes, then, the Second Day of Christmas could be the First Day of Vacation.  My shoulders just tensed up at the thought.  Next weekend I will have to shop for all the necessities, and I will have to spend this whole week preparing myself for the intensive schedule of having J home.

Oh, well…that’s the way it goes!

I need two books of stamps.  I need to work on the grocery list.  I need to organize the Man Closet because TGG has bought something for that room that will be given to Dada on one of the first nights of Christmas.  I have a mile-long list of things that I thought I wouldn’t have to do but that have turned into priorities.  The cosmos, once more, catches me unawares…good one, cosmos…good one!

For tonight, I am going to plunk down in front of the TV with Dada and TGG to watch a movie.  I won’t fret about everything I have to do because, quite frankly, there is no opportunity to work on any of it right now.

J is happy.  He liked his steak and pasta dinner; he’s enjoying the presence of Snoopy in the family room, and he has noticed that the Christmas tree base is already prepped for when the tree is brought home.  What more can I ask for?  I know the rocks are ahead, but I have a map, able-bodied and sea-worthy sailors and not a single ripped sail…it’ll work itself out…when it’s the right time…

Right now?  Movie time!


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