Just when I thought of the comfort of some technology…

I am utterly lost with the iPad.  Well, no…I’m not utterly lost.  I’m confused and clumsy with it, but I’ll figure it out.  I am sure that J, who is significantly younger and more tech savvy than I am, will not have any trouble at all.  Until tomorrow, though, I’m on my own, and floundering…

I installed the Proloquo2Go today and I have to say kudos to whomever came up with it…hats off to them and thank you, thank you, thank you…  We added our pictures and names, as well as those of the two resident felines.

Tomorrow, early in the morning, I am going to start reading through the manual for the iPad, and then I’ll read the manual for the app.  I will print and read, with a highlighter in one hand and a jar of Tylenol in the other.  There are things, I admit, that totally escape me at this moment.

Tonight was the First Night of Christmas and it was an ok night.  J got a t-shirt, Dada got a book, TGG got a movie and I opened the wrong package…I grabbed #2 instead of #1.  Much fun was made of this fact.

I am now going to sit down and read something far, far removed from anything technological.  I’ve already put money, the shopping list and a coupon for tomorrow’s shopping (he’s going with his class) in J’s wallet.

Can someone tell me why my blog looks so different?  I am lost here, too.  Maybe I’ve fallen into the matrix or something?  Is this supposed to be easier???  I’m confused…


My age…it’s showing!


2 thoughts on “Just when I thought of the comfort of some technology…

  1. Ah, I feel your pain. I really don’t know anything about iPads, so I’m nervous about the one we are getting.
    I’m visiting your blog and it looks the same, but I’m guessing you are refering to the dashboard. WordPress seems to have had some fun changing things up. It took me much longer than I would have liked to figure out how to upload a photo after the change.

    • There should be a space where they ask “are you middle-aged? How well do you cope with change at your present stage in life? If you think any changes will freak you out and make you wonder if you’ve just had a stroke, please click here so we will NOT drag you out of your comfort zone.” Last night the thing for logging on was on the right side of the screen…this morning it was on the left. Had I opened this page during a hot flash, Imogene would have flown across the room or I would’ve woken Dada up and told him “dial 911, I think I’ve just had an aneurysm.” (Insert deep, heartfelt sigh here…)

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