The morning after the iPad…

The Second Day of Christmas was somber.  We didn’t light up our balconies and deck; it just didn’t seem right to do so in the wake of such heartbreaking events in Connecticut.  As we gathered around the Christmas tree, we felt a little bit like bandits who have stolen a moment of joy and togetherness when so many families are torn apart…  

It was supposed to be “fun present night,” and -in the strictest sense- everyone got something totally awesome, but there was a lingering sadness in the proceedings.  The thing is that so many people’s holiday season is now merely the preamble of a lifetime of sadness and longing; we would’ve skipped Second Day if it weren’t because of J’s intrinsic need for structure and schedule.  

J got his iPad.  He loves it; he still has to get used to some of its more convoluted “tap here, double tap there, and swoosh!” aspects, but he is happy with it…no question about that.  Today we went to the grocery store and he used the Proloquo2Go to ask for items he wanted; when we went to buy lunch, he proudly used it to say I WANT A CHEESE QUESADILLA AND A COKE.  The girls at the restaurant, who know him and are fond of him, were so happy and congratulated him so heartily that he even turned a lovely shade of pink.  

While we used the iPad today in a more informal, flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants way, we intend to make a concerted effort to use short periods of time to work with J so that he learns how to best navigate his program.  With the Magic Piano he’s having no issues at all…he is quite adept at following the dots and keeping time as he should rather than, as the rest of us have done, going too fast or too slow.

I added photos to his iPad, and he was very happy with those.  We added pictures of us and our names to the Proloquo2Go, and it now calls us when he taps on our pictures.  In less than 24 hours, the thing has done what we wanted it to do, and we’re sure that we’ve barely scratched the surface.

I have yet to hear back from Dr. No, but I now intend to tape J using the iPad to communicate with us so that she can see that it not only allows him to “talk,” but it also encourages him to speak.  He has been using his words more since he figured out that the machine speaks so clearly…

That’s all I’ve got today.  I didn’t sleep well.  I woke up so many times, a feeling of dread and sadness jarring me out of my drowsiness.  I don’t know how soon people will start pushing away the feeling of wrongness that currently hangs in the air, but I hope they don’t…I hope they never forget it.  I hope they stop to think, very carefully, of how we got to this point and why these horrible things might be happening.  

And now for the Third Day of Christmas…


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