Highlights (and lowlights) of 2012

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  The year is coming to an end…I can hear it sputtering as I type this.  I don’t know if I am as anti-2012 as some people seem to be; I know the year was far from stellar, but I don’t think it was as bad as some people are trying to make it sound.  I suppose that, yes, horrendous things happened this year, but…it wasn’t the year’s fault, was it?

So…here is my list of OUR highlights and lowlights for 2012:

Highlight #1: J no longer carries the four boxing gloves wherever he goes.  And amen…  That he chose to not carry them, that we had nothing to do with persuading him…that’s just icing on the highlight.

Highlight #2: J has taken like a duck to water to the iPad and the Proloquo.  We have some more work to do, but the very idea of him using this to communicate with us in just this short time is definitely a highlight.

Highlight #3: We can now eat in public places without having a foot ready to propel us towards the door, meal unfinished.

Highlight #4: J rides the bus morning and afternoon, which has saved us some gas and encourages him to be more independent.

Highlight #5: J is willing to try more foods that used to be like garlic to a vampire.  He might not react to them with the greatest enthusiasm, but at least he tries them without piercing our ears with his discontented screaming.

Highlight #6: J spends the whole of his day at school without his hats on; granted, at home we only see his head when he feels like it, but he’s out there in the big wide world without them…

Highlight #7: J now walks in and out of stores without buying anything; the compulsion to get one more thing is gone.

Highlight #8: J easily adjusts to TGG’s day and night shifts at work.  What used to be a huge cramp on his routine is now more easily accepted.

Highlight #9: J is comfortable with his doctors here; we can now say we have an appointment and it is not met with fear or anxiety.

Highlight #10: For the first time in years, the Twelve Days were met throughout with smiles and happiness rather than with an increasing feeling of tedium.

Lowlights: TGG’s car got rear-ended by the snow plow earlier this week and requires about $2000 worth of repair, but the developer of the neighborhood is paying because it was his employee’s fault.  Our parents’ health is declining, and that’s never fun to deal with.  We lost Miss JuJu under suspicious circumstances, but got Miss Zelda (which didn’t seem like an awesome thing the first few days.)  Dada’s much awaited and longed-for vacation was marred by the worst weather patterns ever…but…we can’t complain because it wasn’t hurricane Sandy and we’re all in one piece, have shelter and are together…  J’s guardianship issues are still unresolved; I get the feeling our attorney is not particularly motivated to resolve the matter and I’m going to have to call him on Wednesday and ask for an update and a conclusive plan of action or tell him we’re done with him.  J’s 18th birthday is EXACTLY a month away…this is one lowlight I could have done without…

What do I hope for in 2013?

Peace.  Happiness of the kind that doesn’t burst or whistle…the kind that just is will be fine.  I wish and hope for progress of the kind that doesn’t overwhelm J too much, and for patience when it doesn’t happen as quickly as I’d like it to happen.

I hope to get older, and for Dada to get older, and for TGG and J to get older, too.  There is something beautiful about getting older, and it’s called being alive.  Yeah, that’s what I hope for…and I hope it for all of you, too.

Have a happy, safe and blessed new year.


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