Square-footage envy…

I went to have coffee at a neighbor’s house yesterday, and it made me realize we need more space.  This is not a “status” thing, but rather the realization that Dada and I have been right all along: J’s bedroom is ok, but it’s not big enough for his needs.  And, believe me, I have shuffled furniture around as much as the room’s floor space allows.  Even if TGG moves out (which is looking like a possibility, but not a solid-enough one to say he IS doing it,) and we repurpose his room for J, we have both lived long enough and screwed up enough times to know that a sudden return home is not an absurd possibility for TGG.  Not in this economy.


I am going to inquire at the office if, when our contract is up in August, we can possibly get a larger unit.  I know, I know…what the heck am I thinking????  Moving????  Even within the same complex????  Have I forgotten The Great Move of 2011???

I will answer these one by one.  I’m thinking J is too uncomfortable in his room and his comfort is paramount to me.  Yes, moving…one of the life-events I most dread.  Yes, possibly across the way or down the street.  No, I have not forgotten that move and I never will, but we had to cross several state lines for that…surely THIS would be simpler????

I will now give you time to laugh at your leisure…

The first issue I have to consider, of course, is how much the difference would be between our current rent and our prospective rent.  This is a deciding factor.  The lure of a space where J could have his queen-size bed, a proper unit for his TV and space to walk without feeling cramped would be a huge plus.  The bedroom he would have in a larger unit would be the size of our master bedroom now; the master bedroom would be our room and a half.  Three bedrooms upstairs would mean that J could have a room, and we could either have TGG come with us (if he is so inclined) or have the availability of a bedroom for him should he need to move back.

The kitchen in the larger units is big enough for our dining table (which is not, granted, huge) and what is the dining area in our unit is big enough for a small family room, which would be ideal so that we are not sitting on patio chairs to watch TV while J occupies the basement.  Don’t ask…the patio chairs were a desperate move when we realized our butts could no longer take the assault of our dining room chairs…

The basement…THAT is the pièce de résistance.  There is a fourth bedroom in the basement as well as a living room area that is similar in size to the one we now have and cannot occupy because Gengis Khan has taken over.

Allow me to illustrate “the vision.”  The fourth bedroom becomes the TV room that J can occupy when he wants to use the basement.  There is the big TV, a daybed (in case guests come a-callin’ and a-stayin’) and a large walk-in closet for J’s arts and crafts materials, games, etc.  The area that is the “living room?”  Ah…I’m glad you asked.  In that area there will be NO television set.  None whatsoever!  Just the BOOKS, the couch, the chairs and the stereo…it will be an area for US!!!!  If we want to sit and read, there we have it!  If we want to relax and listen to music, there it is!!!!!  Is it pretentious????  Probably!!!!  But since we haven’t really had a chance to enjoy our couch since J decided to claim the lower regions of the house because he feels cramped in his room…I don’t care if it seems pretentious!

Of course, this involves determining if the rent is possible for us.  This involves committing to staying here until J is done with school; by our calculations the earliest we would leave is June of 2016; the latest would be January of 2017.  The only additional furniture we would need is easy to get, at a decent price, too.  J will, hopefully, get his benefits soon and he can pick whatever entertainment center (or whatever they are called now) that he wants and feels is more apropos for his needs.  Because the money is intended for his living expenses, etc., he will be able to pay for that and, if he wants to, a nice lounge chair like the ones he likes looking at whenever we’ve set foot in a furniture store.  The rest of the house is furnished, and buying an extra bed is not a problem because at least twice a year they put mattresses on sale and we wouldn’t really need a luxury item for a guest bedroom.

It isn’t that we’re not happy in this space or that we couldn’t make it work, but…J’s bedroom is 9.5 ft (2.89 meters) by 12 ft. (3.66 meters.)  For a 5 ft 9 in (1.79 m) and approximately 263 lb (119 kg) body, that’s really not a lot of space.  Our bedroom’s space is better suited for J, and that’s something we need to consider seriously in making this decision.

I don’t envy my friend’s home.  I envy the space she has available for her growing family because J’s pretty much fully grown and I think he’s been sort of gypped  by us.   That I would LOVE to sit on my couch and enjoy a living room space that does not include a television set intruding in my thoughts is an entirely different matter.  That’s just part of us getting older and finding less and less use for the boob tube (more on how we’re downsizing our cable TV soon.)  We actually enjoy our books and our music more now, and we think that -if it’s affordable, available and the kids are OK with it- we can all have a little more space to live in…for the next three to three and a half years or so…

Just the thought of J in a bigger room…food for thought indeed!


2 thoughts on “Square-footage envy…

  1. Good luck! We have been in the same debate for a few years now, and the closer we get to moving or adding on, the farther it seems to be pushed back. I just keep remembering that there are many families in this world that live in one room with over 5 people…

    • I do feel like I’m greedy for space, but…I can’t give J our bedroom because it’s a third floor and there’s a balcony. Regardless of how old he gets, I’d rather not give him that much access to heights if I can help it. And when I see him getting up from his bed with less than three feet of space between the edge of the mattress and the walls on either side…it’s just not enough space for him.

      He is also, when he’s sitting in bed watching TV, about twelve feet away from the screen. I’d rather have him sitting on a chair or couch, and making him move upstairs to get his water or snacks…

      It just seems like we already have an embarrassment of riches and I feel very bad because I feel we need more space to make J more comfortable. :/

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