Don’t ever ask the question “how much paper is too much paper?”

The attorney is gone, and I feel better.  Of course, I am left with a deluge of paperwork that has made my head spin, but that’s not a bad thing…

Consider, please, that upon receiving the packet from the court, I discovered that a) there never was a need for a letter from the psych because the court provides a very well-organized and case-specific form for the doctor to fill out, and b) the attorney never told us we would have to provide an inventory of J’s personal property when we filed the petition.

I get the feeling this man didn’t tell us any of this because he had no idea; that is: he never ordered the packet from the court OR read the website where all these things are mentioned.  Mind you, I know I could have researched it, but…I was under the impression that I was paying someone to take that particular task away from me.

So it is Thursday evening and, having received the packet yesterday, I already have J’s personal property inventory done (and I am LIVID at how much his personal property is worth,) and I have been in touch with the psychiatrist that is covering J’s doctor’s hours while he’s away taking care of a family emergency.  

I have spent a good deal of time shuffling paper, organizing paper, making piles of paper, making notes, marking pages, being very grown-up about all this.  I am waiting for the bill from the attorney.  I am curious to see how much he is going to charge us for his lack of activity.  If he had put one-tenth of the effort I’ve put in since Monday, this whole situation would have been resolved in October…yeah, I’m not kidding.

J has been as good as gold in the middle of all this upheaval.  He has been helpful, catching paper as it flies out of the printer tray when I forget to empty it, and he has been standing next to me, hand gently placed on my shoulder, as I grunt at the desk in general.

In other news, this weekend I’m taking J to get a flu shot.  The flu seems to be worse and more prevalent this year, and I don’t want to risk it if I can help it.  Dada and TGG got their shots at work months ago, and I never get one (though I’m tempted, I admit,) but J is a must, especially when they’re talking “more severe strain.”

Other than that, life marches on at its somewhat normal pace.  It is more springlike than winterlike, but that will likely change before we get too comfortable. 

I go back to under the pile of paper.  I promise to emerge, in a better mood, tomorrow…


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