The mood improves…

J was more sociable yesterday when he got off the bus.  I was happy to read in his comm book that he had just tried once during the day to get his way, and that this led to a mild incident of self-aggression.  It petered out, the teacher said, as quickly as it had come…

When we got home, though, J wanted me around.  He didn’t really mind my leaving the room (which I did from time to time to check on other things and to encourage him to stay by himself without getting anxious,) but he liked it better when I was sitting at the desk working as he quietly watched TV or listened to music.

And that’s when he started choking…

I suppose he was eating a cracker and it went down the wrong pipe, but I still leapt out of my chair and gave him a good smack on the back (without panicking, of course) until he said I’M OK, took a deep breath and asked for water.  J was shaken enough by the incident that he sat quietly, ignoring his snack, for the next hour or so.  From time to time, he sighed and said WATER before taking a sip.  I wonder if he has a mildly irritated throat that is making him uncomfortable, or if he just freaked out a little by the cracker getting stuck in his throat.  Either way, I made sure to encourage him to eat if he wanted to, drink plenty of water and (in this I was unsuccessful) to let me look at his throat.

The rest of the afternoon was spent folding laundry, practicing requests and phrases with his Proloquo and finishing up a few minor chores that I’d left hanging for J to help with when felt like it.  By the time Dada got home, J was happy to see him, ordered an immediate change into at-home clothes and then wanted us BOTH to keep him company in the basement until he was satisfied that we both care enough to sit there and freeze in the tundra when we’d rather be upstairs near a heating vent.

After dinner, J was much happier and much more willing to be by himself.  Only God knows why there are times when he succumbs to anxiety over being left to his own devices, but I’m not going to question it…  If I, once in a while, would like a cat to curl up on my lap and keep me company, I cannot begrudge J his occasional bouts of “I don’t want to be lonely.  Sit there and keep me company.”

By the time his bath was done, J was dancing a very happy  jig while towel-drying himself.  He was singing (tra-la-laing enthusiastically, in fact) and hopping about while waving his towel around and hopping from one foot to the other as he shook his belly and his butt.  I think it is safe to assume (and this was the general population’s conclusion) that he was feeling much better about whatever was making him blue.

This morning he was happy.  He asked for money for his wallet, jauntily placed his hats on his head, and rubbed noses with everyone before leaving for school.

Isn’t that just like a teenager…

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