Fingers, get ready to be reacquainted with toes…

These days, when my toes and fingers meet it’s because I’m curled up and they have a chance encounter.  I knew this was a problem when the early-morning “gentle exercises for seniors” lady on TV said “now stretch,” and I said YEAH RIGHT to the TV set.  Much to my chagrin, the two elderly ladies flanking her stretched with greater ease than I could, in my current situation, muster.

Every afternoon, J runs with the Wii.  Depending on my mood, I DJ the event or participate half-heartedly.  My inability to sleep through the night, sit comfortably or remember what it felt like to touch my toes has inspired (forced) me to take a long hard look at my current habits.  I hang my head in shame as I admit that, as much as I used to be fairly interested in remaining flexible and in shape a few months ago, I’ve basically given up because I am “too busy” with other things.

I started “being good” on Monday and on this snowy, miserable Wednesday I’ve already managed to do a quick run and have my yoga on tap for later.  By now, in spite of my best intentions, I would’ve crapped out on my commitment to “being good” if I hadn’t actually managed a restful full night of sleep last night.  There is a benefit to this awareness of self and bad habits, and I think that’s what will keep me going.  That my back is no longer screaming (that low but shrill, constant, sustained scream it was issuing since November) is another plus.  I am not, of course, in the shape of a 25 year-old (heaven forbid!,) but I also don’t sound more like my grandmother than myself.

J was intrigued by my yoga moves on Monday, and did his best to follow them yesterday.  Perhaps today he, too, will make some progress in this department.  It is not my weight that bothers me; I am quite at peace with the fact that I am a closer-to-fifty-than-forty mother of two and that this has an impact on my formerly young and slender body.  I am more concerned with the fact that the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz squeaked less than I do when he moved.

The important thing is that a step is taken, and the other foot is poised to take another…


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