A thimbleful of sea water…

The sea-change we would have expected overnight has failed to materialize.  We felt exactly the same way this morning (when we woke up as co-guardians) as we did yesterday morning when we woke up un-guardians.  The most significant pieces of evidence of any alteration in our legal status are pieces of paper: the certification of our oath, of our training to be guardians and the master copy for the periodic reports we have to file with the court.  That’s it…it’s all official, but it’s no different from being J’s parents on an everyday basis as it has been for years.

J knows, however, that we have relaxed significantly now that we’ve removed this boulder from the path.  We all spent a quiet and calm afternoon yesterday, and the landscape was only altered by J’s suddenly having a stuffy nose, sneezing three times in a row and having a temperature of 99℉ (37.22℃) when I put him to bed.  By morning he was feeling fine, but we still checked his temperature and made sure he was up to going to school.  It was comforting to think that I no longer have to worry about not being authorized to participate in medical treatment if the need arises.

Dada and I drifted off to sleep while chatting about our role as co-guardians.  We’re thinking of making t-shirts that say “co-guardian” and wearing them when we’re out and about.  We agreed that if we found ourselves identifying with characters from films and TV, he’d be Abbott and I’d be Costello; he’d be Hardy and I’d be Laurel; he’d be Starsky and I’d be stuck being Hutch.  We didn’t want to tackle Batman and Robin or Hope and Crosby because he wanted to be Hope and I disagreed so we let it go.  Somehow, late at night, we found ourselves giggling while loudly humming the theme song from the TV show S.W.A.T.  The bulk of our overwhelming worries has obviously been lifted…

Today I sorted through paperwork, scanned documents into the computer for J’s files and cleaned the house in preparation for a nasty bit of weather heading our way.  The likelihood that J will be home all day tomorrow is high as we are expecting a minimum of 5 inches of snow, and they’ve cancelled school for less than that.  I’d rather be ready to entertain J than find myself blinking nervously when the phone rings at 5 a.m. announcing what now seems inevitable.

My list of things-to-do has expanded a bit.  J’s weight gain has resulted from the cold weather (which has made us all gain extra pounds) and I’m designing a new menu and an improved snack system.  We are expanding into new territory.  While he will get some of the things that he loves and is accustomed to, we will add “unsuals” to his menu.  Last night’s celebratory grilled chicken thighs (boneless, skinless) were served with very light mashed potatoes that he ate in their entirety.  His snacks will be changing a bit in that he now has tasted yogurt and hasn’t made a face like he’s tasting acid or poop.  We’ve changed brands, and this one has a texture he seems to enjoy more.

While I’ve pondered, from time to time, the utility of pouring my guts out on this page, I now find that it is quite helpful for a variety of reasons.  Not only do I get to vent and share to my heart’s content, but I can actually document things that I will need to complete certain requirements imposed by the court in regards to our guardianship of J.  The periodic reports require that we explain about J’s living conditions, activities, etc.  My notes for this blog (yes, I have notes…it may not LOOK like it, but I do) will help in that regard.  My role as J’s guardian gives me free rein to become his official documentarian.  This, we believe, is one of the most amazing aspects of the whole thing…in giving accounts of the work we do, we give accounts of J’s movements in this world.  Not only will I bore the lot of you with J’s doings, I get to bore people OFFICIALLY!

That’s where things stand now.  Nothing has changed and everything has changed…if that makes any sense.  The first unpleasant surprise in the whole we’re-J’s-guardians has been that today we discovered someone was using his iPad at school to send text messages…and some of them were objectionable.  I have forwarded them to his teacher, and she has replied that she will call me as soon as she’s done with a meeting she’s in at this moment.  Go figure…I thought the Murphy’s Law portion of this process was finished…

It appears we’re barely getting started…at least the sea-change has taken place in a very small sea…for now.



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