Remember how we’ve often talked about God’s excellent sense of humor????

Just as we were settling in for a nice rest of the afternoon, J announced that he wanted medicine.  Medicine?  What kind of medicine?  A LITTLE PAIN, and he opened his mouth.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the tooth that was directly on the bottom from the one that was removed???  It’s BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!  Guess where we’re going tomorrow morning!  Guess!

You may ask “how could they miss that???”  Well, quite easily…he was seen at the Urgent Dental Care Clinic at the School of Dentistry and, because that’s the way these things work, since we only mentioned the ONE tooth we knew about, they didn’t really look for anything else.  How could they have missed it at the oral surgeon’s?  Well, easily…they work based on what they are given in the referral.

I don’t fault anyone.  I don’t think this is a tragedy except in the sense that J is once more uncomfortable and unhappy.  Other than that, there are greater problems on the face of this planet.  I am thinking that we will go early, visit the Urgent Dental Care Clinic, get the x-rays out of they way, and then go to our follow-up appointment with the surgeon, have another antibiotic prescribed if they can’t work on the tooth then and there, and then we’ll go back to go through the same rigmarole as the last time…

Now, if we could collectively ask God to point the sense of humor elsewhere (I was happy because our tax refund is coming this Friday…go figure!!!,) I’ll be satisfied.  I’m not asking for anyone else to suffer, but…you know, Justin Bieber realizing that those pants he’s wearing really look absurd or something like that…mortifying but not painful; annoying but not hurtful; deflating but not crushing…



6 thoughts on “Remember how we’ve often talked about God’s excellent sense of humor????

    • I know…that’s the part that’s so difficult. He’s being very dignified about it, though. I have to give him that much because he has learned to communicate rather than just react. TGG just stopped to get him some liquid acetaminophen and when Dada and TGG get home, I’m sure there will be plenty of J-coddling to go around.

      • I’m in the trenches of teeth problems (and limited understanding abilities) I know how hard it is! I’m so glad to hear that he is taking it so well!

      • Three years ago this would have been impossible to handle without massive meltdowns. We already told him that he’s going to the dentist tomorrow for his tooth and he is totally OK with it. I’m sure, however, he will get very little sleep tonight if he’s uncomfortable, but that’s what we’re here for.

      • Great Mom! I would give my right arm to be able to explain these things to my son…it’s so hard when they are just blindsided by the dentist!

      • It took us a long time to get here, but little by little we all develop a way of getting through. I have done my share of “sitting on the kid”…and “crying as loudly as the kid if not louder.” The iPad has helped. Maturity has had a lot to do with it (I’m talking about us, not J…ok, J’s matured a bit, too.)

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