An update on so-called Spring…

First official day of J’s Spring Break…four inches of snow, and working on a few more.  Obviously, it’s going to be Indoor Time until this storm passes, not that I was expecting much by way of Outside Time.  I did hope, however, for a nice walk here and there, and looking at the budding trees and getting J out of the wintry mood he’s hugging tightly to his chest.  No, he’s not depressed, but he’s rocking the Christmas tunes like it’s early December…

Instead, we are working our way through the not-insignificantly sized pile of paper I’ve accumulated for shredding.  I’ve started dividing into smaller piles, and this will stretch out for the whole week.  I’ve been saving for a long time to be able to pull this off…that is: I’ve been saving paper that can and should be shredded since we moved to WV for such an activity to take place.  The shredder was something I’d been meaning to purchase for a while (we killed our old one when we shredded half the world before moving out here) and I finally found one that doesn’t take much space, has a button that warns us when it’s overheating, and has a lock to prevent things like edges of t-shirts or too-long sleeves from being sucked into the blades.  J was clearly happy when he realized this item was coming home with us on Saturday…he loves shredding paper…it’s one of his top ten favorite activities.

Yesterday we went to the bookstore and he found two books he wanted, so we came home with them, and we bought a baby gate that is now blocking our bottom deck’s entryway.  The past week saw a rash of escaped dogs rampaging through the neighborhood; each and everyone of them climbed on our deck and marked territory much to the chagrin of Miss Pipa and Miss Zelda (and much to the horror of their owner who -clad in a hot-flash alleviating cotton nightgown and a red robe- ran outside and nearly flashed all the construction workers in an effort to make the dogs “shoo.”)  Two trips to the hardware store solved this particular issue, and we took some (wasted) time to make the deck look more spring-like.  I have to say it does look less wintry in spite of the four inches of snow it has received so far since last night.

Spring Break is more or less of a letdown every year.  Where I come from, this type of weather is seen only in Milton Bradley jigsaw puzzles and Christmas movies, so we take seasons (or the lack of them) lightly.  Cartoons have accustomed us to a sudden and dramatic change, and we’ve come to expect it; I’ve discovered that cartoons have been gypping us for years, and I’ve yet to get used to being lied to in this way.  So the word “spring” no longer comes attached to “break” as much as it does to “cleaning,” and J and I will be vigorously pursuing getting the house ready to open doors and windows to let the potential warmer weather in…for the time being, though, we are all complaining of how dry the air emitted by the central heating is, and how stale the house smells in spite of my efforts to keep everything clean and fresh.  As kids would have said a few years back, the house smells “so last winter!”

And that is Monday morning.  Monday afternoon includes a visit to the dentist (which will meet with some resistance from J because I think he’s had enough of the experience for the time being,) and some effort at picking out clothes that he no longer wears regularly to add to the pile we send off to people who will use them.

The weather, hopefully, will improve by tomorrow…but we’re not holding our breath (or our little plastic greenhouses) waiting for that to happen.  I believe peppers, Swiss chard and tomatoes will be started before the end of this day…


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