Summer vacation churns towards us…

The sleeplessness of Wednesday night/early Thursday morning did very little to improve my chances of getting caught up with life yesterday.  I, cowardly creature that I am, crawled back into bed at 8 a.m. and did my best to (fitfully) sleep until 11 a.m.  It did little to improve my demeanor…I was a useless, cranky woman for the rest of the day.  I would like to tell you that I know what kept me up all night, but the only thing my accusation-happy finger will point to is a laundry list of menopause symptoms.  I don’t recall any middle-of-the-night hot flashes for this particular incidence of sleeplessness, but I’ll go with it, if only because it conveniently takes care of “trying to figure out why.”

So today I am working quite enthusiastically to get ready for the looming reality of J’s constant presence at home.  (I know: how can I be working enthusiastically at it if I’m sitting here typing.  Well, I am…when I’m not typing.)  The patio is 100% ready for J; the pantry is full and organized; I have shelves of activities carefully arranged for easy access to one thing each day.  The powers that be in the entertainment industry have already provided us with the first 2 hour and 12 minute opportunity for J’s viewing pleasure: Star Trek Into Darkness is in theaters, and not a moment too soon.  Monsters University dangles happily ahead of us, something for the entire family to look forward to in June, and -provided with a nice enough incentive (like a pail of popcorn the size of his head)- J might sit through Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.  No one in the household is particularly enthused about the last two, but we all know that summer movies are a good opportunity for J to go out and have fun in a place where the heat and humidity won’t affect him as much.  As a wise man (TGG) once said “if he sat through Space Chimps, he’ll sit through anything!”  I always remind TGG that, thanks to his childish insistence, I sat through Twister, Jurassic Park 2, Judge Dredd, Batman and Robin, Super Cop, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and another slew of less-than-three-stars entertainment.  It wasn’t until the advent of Jack Black’s School of Rock in 2003 that we felt there was hope for us in taking pre-adolescent TGG to the movies.  The response to this is always “point well taken.

With J, of course, the story is a little different.  Pixar is our savior.  If there’s a Pixar movie coming out, we can breathe easy…we WILL be entertained.  That he has finally accepted such things as Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Kirsten Stewart as Snow White as viable forms of movie-viewing fun make us happy.  I don’t however, see him wandering into Lars Von Trier or Richard Linklater territory.  If I never could persuade TGG to go to the movies with me for, say, Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday or Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!, it is highly doubtful that J will join me in watching a marathon of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset ahead of going to the movies for Before Midnight.  I will be dragged along to Despicable Me 2 (which I don’t mind,) but I will have to negotiate heavily (and possibly offer TWO buckets of popcorn) for a trip to Austenland.  Ain’t it always the way????

I can’t complain, though.  I am feeling ready for summer.  (Famous last words???)  I have projects lined up, the garden is doing nicely, J’s apparently ready for this transition, and we’re going to get the Big Dental Procedure out of the way in a couple of weeks.  Barring anything disastrous, we’re in good shape.  After much careful thought, I’ve reached the (perhaps overly optimistic) conclusion that moving across the street won’t be too much of a problem.    The room-by-room approach seems to be the way to go, and I say this after having analyzed the situation from every possible angle and, yes, using props, charts, and worst-case scenarios.  It may seem like I’m jumping ahead of schedule with all this planning, but it’s already May 17th and the projected day for completion on the construction is August 15th.  So, basically, that’s how much time I have left before J goes back to school.  Seen in those terms, it’s an eternity, but in the context of moving a household across the street when there’s an autistic individual whose comfort, tranquility and well-being are involved, I’m kinda behind, aren’t I?

Tomorrow morning we will make the trek to Farmers’ Market.  After the first Saturday’s overwhelming canine attendance at 8:30, we have determined that 9:30 is the right time to take J.  We’ve been making progress accepting dogs as friendly creatures.  Please, feel free to imagine J as a one-man Bruce, Hammer and Chump from Finding Nemo and repeating “fish are friends, not food” in more of a “dogs are friends, they don’t consider me food” line.  I can feel him tensing up as we walk past dogs, but there’s no longer a frantic effort to scream and run away from them.  That is what I’d like to think of as maturity, and it makes me feel good.

J’s favorite bakery has closed down for good.  Our second stop tomorrow morning is a donut shop we’ve been trying to locate since we moved here nearly two years ago; someone finally gave Dada what they claim are sure-fire directions to this place, so we’ll see if we can find it…

Other than that, my friends, I can only say that this last weekend of the school year is gearing up to be as hectic and action-packed as we’ve come to expect of warm-weather weekends.  As much time as J wants to spend indoors in winter, as much time as he wants to spend outside when it stops being long-pants weather.  I can’t complain.  Summer is, after all, short for some things and long for others…might as well start enjoying it while we still are enthused about the whole gig, right???

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