And here it is…the last week of school…

Monday is here.  Inevitably, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will follow.  Unless something truly cataclysmic happens, J’s first full day of summer vacation will be on Friday.  A week after that he will have his next appointment with the dentist, and he will be sedated and all of Santa Claus’s workshop will be in there, looking for whatever needs to get done and getting it done.  My teeth hurt just thinking about it…my pocket is already numb, but that’s beside the point.

The point is…I am as ready as I’m ever going to be for J’s summer vacation.  I’ve been to the arts and crafts supply store; I’ve been to the book store; I have enough seeds to plant a sizable garden if this one we have going starts losing steam.  The supplies we ordered for the great “mozzarella cheese-making experiment” have arrived.  The community’s pool is open.  The projects that J is going to help with in preparation for our move across the street have been lined up.  The rest of what needs to get done will be fine-tuned as I go along, but that’s par for the course.  Any prolonged period of J being at home requires constant revisions and a certain degree of creative thinking.

One question lingers in our minds: is THIS the right time to start weaning J off his med???  We are on the fence (as usual) and the fence gets taller or shorter without warning.  Are we reacting like this because we are afraid of what might happen?  Are we reacting like this because this year has shown us that J can still meltdown with the best of them???  Are we just plain chicken-shit and can’t commit???  This requires some thinking.  Some serious thinking.  J, after all, has an appointment with the psychiatrist on June 4th and the Big Question for that day is: to wean or not to wean.  I’m sure that Gertrude would have had this discussion with Claudius if Risperdal had been prescribed for Hamlet; after all, the kid WAS seeing his father’s ghost, and obviously had some anxiety issues, right???

The truth is that we have one more hurdle to get over before we even discuss this with the doctor.  The anxiety attached to another dental appointment will be important in determining whether we venture a reduction in dosage or not.  Do I mean J’s anxiety or our anxiety?  I’m not quite sure yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I start figuring this out.


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