If the game you’re playing has the sound “quirk” in it, don’t expect it to be played by the rules…

The weather, as usual, has been conspiring to keep us indoors and potentially bored.  We’ve been fighting it tooth and nail.  No sense is being bored when there are so many things one could do…like cheat flagrantly at board games!  But I’ll get to that in a moment…

Project Count Between Bites has been such a success that it took J twenty-five minutes to finish eating a single-serve pepperoni pizza.  He  usually picks out the pepperoni, and then the cheese, and then eats the crust.  Much to my surprise, he was counting to five even after eating a very small chunk of pepperoni.  And he counts after he sips his water, too.  I must’ve made my WHOA, THAT’S SURPRISING!!! face because a fit of the giggles ensued, turning what I thought would be a fifteen-minute meal into a 25-minute meal.  I am not complaining because this is precisely what I was hoping for: mastication, proper swallowing and hydration during a meal.

The rest of the time we’ve been sorting through things that were stored in closets in the basement.  The craft supplies have been organized, and J finished his mosaic coasters earlier this week.  They are intended for use on the patio, but the rain has prevented us from sitting out there so we have them lined up next to the door, waiting for someone to venture outside with a drink in hand.  Tomorrow we will be working with clay, and I’ve already found the old shower liner that I had stuck in the closet when I swapped it out for a new one.  I intended to use it for just these occasions when J has to be inside and entertained…paint, clay, anything sticky and there’s the liner for us.

In the afternoons we’ve been walking to get the mail.  Until I remembered to ask Dada to retrieve the umbrella from the car for me, we’d been waiting for a lull in the rain.  J walks into every single puddle we meet along the way, and thinks it’s pretty funny when his socks get soaked through.  I think he considers it savings towards the next load of laundry.  Oh, well…

Now to board games.  I remember how much my grandmother cheated at cards, and how my siblings used to pretend there was a bird flying around the dining room so I’d get distracted and they could eat my breakfast…so he doesn’t get this from me, but J CHEATS like a bandit when he’s playing board games.  For the sake of full disclosure, we don’t play Qwirkle by the rules, and we sort of go loosey-goosy with the Tetris board game, too.  I am more interested in J learning to take turns, recognize colors and shapes and having fun one-on-one with whomever is playing with him to worry about the strict rules.  Of course, this means that this blithe creature who emerged from my womb will go to town on getting creative while playing.  I make him count the tiles, and we play more like it’s dominoes than anything else, but J…fiend that he is…is rather free-handed with the counting, looks at which tiles he wants and moves my tiles when I’m not looking BECAUSE HE TOLD ME TO CHECK HIS MOVIE!  So there’s intent there…and I find it amusing and irritating all rolled into one…

This morning I started reminding him that summer school starts next week and he looked aghast.  I think (and, yes, I’m patting my back here) that he’s enjoyed my company this time around.  It took a while for him to look at the schedule board without giving me a sideways glance.  I decided to focus his attention elsewhere and asked for his help with the Pixy Stix we use to make the Risperdal more palatable (we’ve been told it’s sour?)  I was ready to negotiate ONE Pixy Stix in exchange for J’s help, but he declined quite politely, cutting the tips of those thin paper tubes and pouring the contents into the old jelly jar we keep in the medicine cabinet.  For the first time, J didn’t gun for a snack, didn’t expect his second favorite candy to be given to him just because.  I think he knows this is his twice a day, and that he no longer has to get desperate if he doesn’t get it…

I haven’t counted the pills for this upcoming reduction in dose.  The doctor didn’t authorize a refill because he wants to know if, at the end of this cycle, we’re still comfortable with the .75 mg a day or if we want to go back to 1 mg or down to .5 mg.  I don’t want to add to MY anxiety by staring at the calendar and seeing non-pareil seed-sized entities dancing around in a mocking manner.  I want to look at the calendar and think of summer (crappy weather and all) unfolding…

Now, if you don’t mind, I have an exciting game of Uno I have to get to ASAP.  J looks like he’s ready for another big laugh at my expense and, heck, it’s numbers, isn’t it…  🙂  At least we don’t gamble with anything other than stickers and M&Ms.  🙂

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