Day Eight…all’s quiet, and that’s how we like it

One week ago this morning J started taking the reduced dose of Risperidone.  I think I can now officially label myself a horrible melodrama queen and the muscles around my shoulders can unclench slightly.

If J has acted up, it has been milder than usual and basically the result of him wanting to assert his will above mine.  I have somehow successfully managed to remain calm when he’s tried to huff and puff his way through a disagreement.  Either I’m getting better at this or he is, but one of us definitely is…at this point, I don’t really care which one of us is, but just that it’s happening.

Is this it?  Is this the new normal?  Are we level once more???  Armed with notes, I have to e-mail J’s doctor today to give him an update.  We have sufficient meds to cover the new dosage until July 6th, and we don’t want to get caught with our pants down if the doctor goes on holiday for the Fourth of July.  Do I ask for a refill of the .75 or do I dare go lower?  My gut says stay the way we are for a little longer, until we are sure we are not pushing J too far, too fast.

I really think, and I’m not succumbing to any little bluebird of happiness schmaltz here, that J is doing fine and that we’re on the right track.  I’ve re-read my notes and I realize that when he’s “misbehaved” or “acted out” in the past week, he’s just being a teenager, a willful, annoying teenager.  The rest is easy.  And there are no pills for being a teenager, thank goodness…it’s just something we all (hopefully) outgrow at one point or another.

We’ll see what the doctor says, but I’m pretty sure that we didn’t “just have a good week.”  I think the time is right for this step and we’ve been fortunate to have started this transition at this particular point in the summer.

We’ll see…we’ll see…  It’s only June 24th, I know, but I’m sure we will have witnessed an even bigger improvement by August 15th when school resumes.

Fingers crossed.

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