It’s the little things…

My to-do list for today has nine items on it, and I’ve already completed two of them.  That is the most motivated I’ve been to get things done in a while.  Perhaps the countdown post-its dangling from the Goofy mug where I keep my pencils and other doo-dats have something to do with this…

On the list I’ve put tasks that J and I will do together because I think it’s important that he feels like he’s involved in the whole process of moving from here to the place we’ve been trekking to every day during the construction process.  We walk down past our soon-to-be new house and we point at windows, reminding J that he has chosen one room and that the other is TGG’s.  We look at the boxes of fixtures, construction materials, etc. that sit in the garage (a pile that dwindles with each passing day) and get excited about things like hardwood flooring, paint, cabinets.  Why not have him involved in gathering our sticks here and prepare them for the trip across the road.

Today I’ve bought him a yard-cart with collapsible sides; I’m sure J will love this.  The weight capacity is 400 pounds so we can actually do quite a bit with it, like moving things from here to there when the time comes, and actually taking the trash to the dumpster without having to maneuver bags in hands.  The garden (which is quite lush and abundant at this point) will get easily transported on this cart.  When it gets delivered on Friday, J will help me assemble it because it’s one of the things J likes best…pushing me out of the way to take control of an assembly process!

The next big thing on the Big To-Do List, which ultimately concerns everyone in the family and not just me and my Napoleonic inclinations, is figuring out (once and for all and without further ado) what the heck we’re getting J to sit on in his entertainment room.  Well, THEIR entertainment room…TGG has yet to figure out a chair for himself.  Every day, without fail, someone calls out EUREKA and we think we have it figured out, and then the rest of us start second-guessing…  Last night I threw the gauntlet down: either we pick something for J to sit on in that room or he gets the couch in the living room.

Now, the couch in the living room is his current kingdom.  He rules it, sits on it, casts us off it, invites us to share it, claims it in the name of whatever power he thinks he can exercise over us.  The living room couch is not yet two years old, is in excellent shape (still has the tags on, for crying out loud) and is in pristine condition because it is covered with TWO slipcovers and this puts it in the same category as a teenage girl with overprotective parents…  I’ve seen the couch “naked” maybe…five times?  And each time it has been because the slipcovers were getting laundered, the cats were out of the room and I sat in awe of how beautiful that piece of furniture is…  My precious!!!!

Smeagol-esque as that may sound, that lovely sofa was intended for the sitting room, not for J’s private enjoyment, and -granted, it was bought on sale and didn’t cost an obscene amount of money- we intend to get him something for himself, something that is in that particular room, something that allows us to use our own couch.  We want to make sure that J doesn’t feel gypped, but we are determined to not let him have the sofa that we’ve never really had a chance to enjoy.  So tonight, with all the cards on the table, we hope to make a decision…and J is not very helpful, mind you, because he says YES to any and all options presented to him.  (Me thinketh he is hoping for the couch to remain in his possession…me thinketh he is about to get disabused of that notion.)

Anyway, with 28 days to go, I’m starting to get serious about this whole packing up business.  I’ve taken down some things that were on walls, and that’s a clear indication that -yes- this is about to transition from home to former home.  The box-needs analysis has been completed and we have the right boxes for some things, but no boxes for others so we will be looking for smaller boxes this weekend.  Fragile things are about to go into boxes, layers of our daily life are being slowly peeled off…it is important that J participates in the whole process so that he doesn’t grow anxious because things “disappear” from his sight.

Well, those other seven things on the list won’t get done without my guidance and participation.  I’ve lingered enough and it’s almost time for J to come home from school.  Two more things I can do before then, and the rest J will help with while music plays in the background and we discuss how awesome his new bedroom and entertainment room will be…

And just wait ’til he sees his new yard-cart!!!!


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