HELP! There’s a HUGE bean bag in my dining roo…stairs…AAAAAAAAAH! living room…

I’ll call it, perhaps, The Blob Redux…

J’s bean bag was delivered by TWO FedEx men yesterday afternoon.  We were out for our walk to check the mail when we saw the truck put-putting its way up the hill and I said to TGG “I’ll bet that’s J’s bean bag!”  It was.  The TV stand that was supposed to arrive today was delivered in the same shipment…so I highly recommend because they do deliver things when they say the will and it’s good quality stuff.

Our next door neighbor was just arriving with her baby so I stopped to say hello, and TGG and J took this opportunity to open the bean bag box in the dining area.  The box wasn’t heavy, and the bean bag was compressed so they figured it was fine to do this…  No sooner did they remove the plastic bag around the actual bean bag that it started morphing from a controlled size to…well…let’s say I got back from cooing at a baby right on time!

Freed from its bonds, the bean bag started acting more like a Dalek than a harmless piece of fluff.  The only thing missing was “Exterminate!  Exterminate!” but I could hear it loud and clear in my mind.  We barely managed to squeeze the bean bag between the dining table and the coffee station (yes, I have a table with our coffee stuff that I quite pompously refer to as “the coffee station”) and into the passageway to the stairs.

Mistake Number Two was then made.  Rather than pushing the ever-burgeoning bean bag down the stairs AHEAD of me, I ridiculously took the lead.  That’s when it went from Dalek-like determination to boulder-in-Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark trying to run me over.  The stairs are not long, but there are a lot of things currently on queue at the bottom to be moved to the garage.  It was just a few seconds, and J thought it was hilarious.

An hour after it was opened, the bean bag took up a sizable amount of floor space.  To get an idea of its size, I parked it in front of the basement-level sliding glass door and it blocked the entire thing from side to side; less than 24 hours later its dimensions are 64″ X 44″ X 32″ (approx. 163 cm X  112 cm X 81 cm.)   Our sincere hope is that it has stopped expanding.  J, on the other hand, is relishing the process of watching this THING take over the living room.  At first he was hesitant about plopping down on it, now he’s positively exuberant about it…  I’ve found him rolling around on the bean bag, laughing his head off with absolute glee…

This bodes well.  If he takes to this bean bag like I think he is about to, our concerns regarding his comfort in that room downstairs are alleviated.  We have, waiting in the wings, another chair that he can acquire for $200 if this doesn’t work out, but -at the same time- we don’t want to encourage J to think that he can replace things off-handedly whenever he pleases.  Just like we’ve had to learn to figure out what works, what doesn’t work, what can be replaced and what we have to stick to through thick or thin until a better option comes along, the kids are facing the same lesson.

Today we go back to the psych to determine what the next step in reducing the med is.  I know that we had a rough time shortly after the med was reduced, but I also understand that it was a combination of poor communication between the regular school and the summer program about the hats, J being a regular teenager under all the other stuff that is, well, him, and the usual defiance to parental authority.  I no longer worry about there being such a tremendous alteration in his character as the med is reduced that my kid will disappear, or that he will revert to the horrors of 2010.

I think the upcoming changes to our routine and environment might factor into the next step.  J is all about the move right now (MY NEW HOME is the current way we describe the new townhouse as we walk past it a few times each day,) but I’m sure the change will somewhat interfere with his sleep pattern, his anxiety level, and his general mood.  Perhaps it’s best to hold off on the next reduction until October, when Dada’s project is done, we’re nicely settled into the new house and the new school year has found a good footing?  I think we could swing another reduction safely, without incident, but I want to play it chicken; I want to be able to dedicate my full attention to whatever nuances of behavior might pop up during the transition to .5 mg.

This is me being cowardly again, but not because I think something WILL go wrong, but rather because I want J to know that I am ready and completely focused on helping him.  One side of me is saying that this move, this summer, all this hectic activity has to wane so I can relax, and another side of me is saying this needs to be over so that I can deal with the next J-related challenge.  Dada says I work myself to a frazzle, and I know this is true, and I also know that this is just my eternal hope that I will not leave things undone, unattended to, unsolved…

Well…that’s it for today.  I hear the bean bag humming (echoes of the Ark in Raiders when it gets sent to storage at a secret government facility to be studied by top men,) and I think that means it either needs to be fed (I think it eats humans) or it’s about to expand…again…



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