And…it’s September????

I know there’s a logical explanation for the year suddenly speeding up.  It’s called “the passing of time” and I should be used to it by now, but I swear it was summer just last weekend and it’s not really summer anymore.  It was sultry and muggy and shorts weather, and now I’m briskly walking around hugging myself while wearing long sleeves, an ankle length skirt and wishing I had a sweater.  Mother Nature seems to be listening (surprise, surprise) to J’s musical selections and running with them…

Yes, my friends, J has trotted out all his Christmas CDs and has declared this to be “colder weather” that justifies fleecy pants, faux-fur blankets and a new pair of warm slippers.  This could be because he has a cold (though it seems more, to me, like allergy-related congestion) or because he likes the idea of cuddling in his new TV room.  Either way, I’m ill-prepared for this at this particular moment.

Let’s backtrack to the kinder days of August, shall we?  They look kind now, in retrospect, but the truth is that back then I was complaining about how hot it was and how much work I had to do…  I have less work to do; I am starting to feel chilly at random moments during the day (until a hot flash reminds me that I have the power to self-regulate…albeit with very little control over the effect,) and I still have boxes of things that I need to sort out.

Surprisingly enough, we WERE ready for house guests and, I think, they survived the experience unscathed…in spite of J coming home (mere moments before they arrived) with what sounded and looked like a terrible cold.  For all I know these poor people are running towards their medicine cabinets, frantically searching for something that will relieve their sinus congestion, but it seemed like they were fine when they left on Sunday afternoon.  Meals were cooked.  Food was consumed.  The weather cooperated for those of us who could actually leave the house without being fettered to Mr. “I Want My Humidifier Going 24/7.”  J still sounds congested, but I think living in the thick of the construction zone might have a hand in this.

And on Sunday morning we woke up and, voila!, September had arrived in all its glory and with it the weather altered…almost instantly.  If August was the big month for moving and starting school, September brought with it the immediate need to finalize J’s first Report of Guardian to the Court, and all that implies.  It also means that Dada’s birthday is here, and that we are fast approaching the completion of the training phase for his project at work.  September is the last full month of TGG’s Medical Assistant Training program.  September is the month when I’ve determined all things must be unpacked, stored, organized and settled before the weather changes for good and I decide to curl up in a corner and hibernate.

The visitors were a little rough for J because he was sick.  He was also aware that he had to consider their presence before boldly crossing their territory (the basement level living room) to get to his TV room.  He did his best to control his Saturday and Sunday morning routine, and a trip to buy donuts on Saturday was helpful in this regard, but Sunday was more of a slippery slope for him.  That we can have people over AT ALL is a miracle, so I’m grateful for this…

Little by little, J is recovering the routine that he had created for himself last year.  He is setting the pace, and I’m letting him.  He knows that the layout of the house is similar, but that there are things he needs to negotiate with me.  The pantry is no longer in the basement, so he now has to talk to me when he wants something that is not in his snack box.  The TV room has a door that prevents me from calling out to him when food is ready, so we have all gotten used to the presence of the new two-way baby monitor.  The carpet and the hardwood floor are new so J has accepted that muddy shoes stay on the tray outside our door until they can get cleaned.

We are all getting used to our new surroundings, to the view of the trees and the abundance of insects, to checking a new mailbox, to the sun streaming through our kitchen sliding glass door in the mornings, and through our front door in the evening.  It rains towards the porch here, so we have learned to hold the umbrella open until we are ready to step into the house, and then close it quickly before shutting the door.  The pipes in the upstairs hallway clank when the washing machine is running, and the ceiling fan lights in the dining room are due for a visit from the electrician because they decided to start turning off five seconds after we switch them on…  We are learning to navigate the new home, and we are figuring out how to make ourselves comfortable.

J, I can tell you this much unequivocally, loves his two rooms.  He is very comfortable in his bedroom and relishes the idea of walking into his closet to put things away.  He also loves that the room downstairs is his kingdom, and that the baby monitor allows us to call for him instead of randomly opening the door to interrupt him.  He has discovered that the Wii is set up in the garage, and every afternoon he helps me move more things out of there so we can soon start running again.

But it’s September.  Like a flash, the August that seemed so far away in the future is now behind us.  We, the cats included, are watching the slow transition of green trees to something else, something less summery.  Today I went to town to file J’s Report of Guardian, and the trees were dropping leaves at my feet as if they were behind schedule and trying to catch up.  I wondered if I should have brought a sweater with me.  I walked past a market stall in front of the courthouse, and the crops for sale were less “salad” and more “soup.”

With Dada’s birthday today (and tomorrow,) we start the next phase of this 2013 we’ve been working on.  The Kraken will have been with us a whole year in a couple of weeks (and, allow me to inform you) Miss Zelda has found her niche and filled it in this house.  Miss Pipa, now all of five years old, has decided that J’s room is where she likes to be best of all, and J is allowing it for the time being.  TGG is almost done with school, and he seems to have met “a girl.”  Dada is in the thick of the project he’d worked on for two years.  I still have pictures to hang…and boxes to unpack…and the rest of the year to unravel…

When I’m done with this, I will stand on the balcony and admire the quickly fading greenery before heading out to wait for J to come home…it’s September…time to slow down…at least just a little bit…


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