And merrily we arrive at Friday…

Fall is moving along at a nice pace.  The weather has been clear and sunny during the day, and the evenings are slowly becoming crisper.  The garage has been properly insulated so that we can use the Wii in there, and our pantry and freezer are -thankfully- fully stocked.  Should winter arrive prematurely, we will be ready to face the possibility of being stuck at home, and -if all goes as planned- I won’t have to brave the crowded stores when “grocery shopping season” begins in earnest.

J went to the Buckwheat Festival with his classmates today.  He left early this morning, armed with money for lunch and rides, and happy as happy can be.  Over the past few days I sent Autumn and Halloween stuff that we don’t really need anymore, and they have done up their classroom in a very festive style.  They’ve also made cakes, and they’ve had a grand old time enjoying the change of season and the upcoming celebratory mood that seems to crawl into all of us as the end of the year approaches.  This year we’ve decided to concentrate all of our enthusiasm for Thanksgiving and Christmas because we have a lot to be grateful for, and because Dada will have a bit of vacation by the end of the year, and -hopefully- by then he will be more able to relax…hopefully…fingers crossed…

This whole “getting ready for cold weather” has been left up to me.  I’ve always been the go-to person for all things household related, but now everyone else is really too busy to pitch in, so I find myself (as I’m prone to do) making lists, measuring things, counting supplies, coming up with solutions with very little input from the population I serve.  The menus are left up to me, and even though I post them everyone seems to be surprised by whatever they find served for them at mealtimes.  They have hardly noticed that the A/C has been off for days, and that the heat has yet to be turned on, but cups of tea, hot chocolate or coffee turn up in front of them with cookies or bread while they study or work at their desks.  J happily helps me when he’s in the mood, but he, too, has taken to cocooning in his room and asking for my company when he wants a book or when he feels like a cuddle.  The rest of the time I am kept busy by other things around here, and it almost would seem like we are a regular, run-of-the-mill, garden variety household if we didn’t have J’s hats and his bouncy gait as we walk home from the bus to give us away.

Tuesday is Switch to Long Pants Day, and I’m going to prepare J for it by showing him the weather forecast and taking out all the autumn-related PECS.  When they were little, the kids used to love watching Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, and we still The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down and A Rather Blustery Day when the weather calls for vigorous singing to stave off the sad feeling that autumn can sometimes bring.  J enjoys a rousing chorus of anything that involves a silly dance with all of us so, as you might have guessed, we do this quite often.  TGG, by the way, does a fantastic version of Zuckerman’s Famous Pig from Charlotte’s Web.  E.B. White was none too pleased with the singing in this particular version of his book, but it makes J giggle so much that I cannot fault the decision to feature Sherman Brothers’ songs in it…especially if you consider that we’ve caught J dancing around while he’s filling his snack box and that gives us a chance to sing A Veritable Smorgasbord, which makes him laugh even more.  No one, mind you, wants to be Templeton the Rat, but he is endearing when he’s going crazy at the fair…

So that’s it!  We’re ready…or quite close to it.  We’ve found a certain groove and, until things settle down at Dada’s work, we’ll be on it…and TGG is almost done with school and getting ready for his six-week externship.  He’s chosen a location close to home, and they will be observing him closely to see if he’s suitable for hiring when it’s over.  We all have our fingers crossed and are hoping that what’s left of 2013 works out nicely.  We’re looking for things to slow down a little bit…not a lot…just enough that we can catch a break.

As for J: he is doing well.  He hasn’t really had any behavioral issues at home, and he’s been managing himself quite well at school once he is asked to focus on communicating his needs.  If all goes according to planned and we have no sudden and catastrophic disruptions, we should be able to lower the Risperidone’s dosage one more time before the end of the year.  I think we can pull this off (I’ve talked myself into thinking we can pull this off,) and I’m confident that we WILL pull it off (as in I’ve talked myself into being confident that we can pull this off.)

The note in the comm book is encouraging: J had a fantastic time, and even rode the carousel in spite of initial misgivings about the endeavor.  He ate pizza.  His cheeks are rosy.  He is beaming with joy.  How can I not be confident that we can deal with another med reduction????  Well, easily…I tend to overanalyze things and fret about them even when I claim to not be doing that.  But, yes, today it all seems possible in the best way, and I’m going with that because the trees are changing color, the air is crisp with the promise of another year in the books, and we’ve done a lot to move forward (and some to move sideways) in 2013…right???

And that’s where we’re at on this Friday in late September…the last Friday in September…

sigh…it’s going quite fast, isn’t it???

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